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'Tooty Frooti'(sweet wrapper in Dharamsala) for the 'Spaaaaceeee ladieeeeees' in Venice,Italy and Hungary! These phrases were shared between the two of us in relation to women wearing very immodest clothing!

Tibetan Library Compound (OK. TLC for short!)

Tibetan ‘Democracy Day’ today. A mele will be held near His Holiness’ temple in McLeod Ganj.There will be music and celebrations for the local Tibetans. I shall not attend. I need to practice.

    I was woken by the sound of the monastic ‘gong’ then the domino effect of dog barking in the local vicinity. Then the sound of the locals waking. Noisy at 545am! But I guess it’s only relaive because the appartments are so close together,roofs next to others windows,buildings about 12 feet apart,light is a problem and with that comes damp, then mosquitoes too. The odd monkey struts along the rails of balconies, up the trees alon rooftops, not unusual, and sometimes intimidating. They look like if I tried to scare one,it’d chase me!

Apparently they carry rabies and with their teeth, I wouldn’t want to test them!

   ä I’ve become accustomed to eating pre-packaged noodles with mayonnaise,rice with soy sauce or brown bread and peanut butter. I’ll get vitamins in the daily tablet form , the Ayurvedic Chyawanprash and the odd meal from Snow Lion Guesthouse : the vegetable soup is loaded with fresh vegs . Other than that the Ladies Venture do the best,freshest veggie momos I have tasted, trouble is it is best to give them PLENTY of notice that you want them so they can make sure they have the ingredients in, but it’s worth it in my eyes! You get ten pieces for R25. Take your own dipping sauce, they only supplied me with Soy sauce.

     So I had bread n pnut butter for brekky, noodles and a small bowl of rice and soy sauce for supper. Mid day I had a packet of Lays (equivalent to Walkers) crisps, flavoured with roasted red chilli and coriander,that was a treat. They advertise their Garlic butter flavoured srisps on the back of the packet, I shall have to try them. I always used to wonder if they’d invent a garlic crisp#!

ï n ð The gong sounded at 6pm. Way-Way came in for coffee after returning from the shop.We had a nice little chat and she departed. It is Sunday tomorrow. We might go and have lunch at the Snow Lion together, maybe it’s that time of the week for my fresh veg intake! For Sunday Dinner, a treat!


Must retire soon. It’s 715pm and I’m feeling tired.

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Tooty Frooti(sweet wrapper in Dh…
'Tooty Frooti'(sweet wrapper in D…
photo by: jeaniejeanie