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Not really a 'dog's life' , more like luxury - Koi, lapping it up!

So Monday the 14th came. I woke and sorted Koi and myself out,put Koi on the roof, showered and put the new clothes on. I felt like (no, not a million dollars) a very white person in brilliant white clothes on a very ‘white’ day, (that’s Brit humour for you!). Of I strolled up to the Temple and made it in good time,but got ordered into the ‘tourist’ queue and it took about 30 minutes to get in. I got through the scan and search, ensuring I didn’t have upon myself a knife,gun,bomb,mobile phone or such like. I was heading straight towards the plastic and tape markers when I was abruptly shown away because ‘the monks sit there’. Of course! Then I was kindly shown to the designated nuns area. Oh well, benefits in all cases I guess! You could say I stuck out like a sore thumb,the only one all in white. I was looking out for Wey-Wey, but couldn’t see her. Oh, well,still this afternoon to catch up with her. HH the Dalai Lama entered, passing the nuns to his ‘throne’ a massive Royal like chair covered in saffron coloured cloth. The class on time 0930 and I scanned the MP3 player for the translation wavelength.Got it. Good.

            The class finished at 1142,a little over,but HH is very keen to get the message through. He gave us an hour before the class resumed. So I rushed through the busy streets to the apartment thinking,’ Get Koi,me eat,Koi eat, back to Temple.’ As The Ladies Venture apartment was in view I then thought, ‘Maybe change before getting Koi, she might jump up and dirty the ‘whites’’. This must be called ‘Foresight’ and I dare say, should be listened and adhered to…So I got to the apartment door,walked straight past to get Koi thinking, ‘It’ll be quicker this way’, up to the roof,Koi is wiggling her rudder and as I lean down to untie her collar, I notice the blood. Her tail had only been wiggling so much, a tiny cut had re-opened and her wagging tail was now spraying fine blood spots all over the brand-new whites, “Aahhhh!” We both ran down the steps and into the apartment.I stripped off and doused the whites in cold water (blood is a real difficult to get off if left • and I don’t think HH would be impressed with it all over me!

What was I going to wear? (Scuse the pun;typical ladies exclamation before going out to a ‘do’)The black Punjabi suit was in the wash. The only clothing left was the spare black Punjabi suit, with red flowers on. It had to do. The clock was ticking. It took me fifteen minutes to get to the apartment at full speed, it’d take me another fifteen back leaving me with what should’ve been half an hour to get Koi and eat. It wasn’t working. (Lesson of impermanence-things change!) I did my best.I had to make sure the whites were soaking in suds whilst in the next class, and I wasn’t going to NOT go. I ate,showered (as it all made me perspire a lot)Koi ate, I got changed, left Koi in the room and did a runner to the Temple. Oh my word was I pushed, but still determined to take advantage of the opportunity that I was here where HH is. Glad I went back. Got there at 1345 and sat outside the nuns’ area. I was still looking out for Wey-Wey, even more as I didn’t stand out like a sore thumb! I didn’t find her. I hope it is of no bad consequence. Mmm. Class finished at 1530. HH announced there would be ‘group discussions’ for the question of ‘What is the ‘Mind’? ’ meeting in the Dalachakra Hall at 1630. I thought I might go, depending on things with the whites and Koi.

I got back to the apartment after competing with the crowds-it’s amazing how far you can get when other people push and shove you out of their way! Koi was sick in the morning,twice, so I was pleased she seemed ok and had not destroyed anything! Must be the Citronella. I thought I’d treat her and haggled some fat off a meat seller. I boiled it for her but she’s not interested, yet.

HH discussed the ‘self’ this afternoon and I too understand it to be non-existent. It makes me consider ‘me’ my ego and selfish thoughts like,’that’s mine ; also the thoughts behind where I ‘wanted’ to sit and the measures I took to make a sitting spot, ‘mine’ ! I have a long way to go to make that ‘self’ a thing of the past!

Coffee and biscuits anyone! C’mon Koi! “Eat,eat,eat!” I nearly forgot to mention, my eyebrows went missing yesterday. Some lucky plucker must have whisked them away...me more like.It is necessary for the Thai Theravadan style Nun. I HAD to do it! Boy, did I suffer for it!

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Not really a dogs life , more l…
Not really a 'dog's life' , more …
McLeod Ganj
photo by: Stevie_Wes