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Pups together like mum and daughter! AAAahhhhh!

Tibetan Library Accommodation, Dharamsala


         I felt desperate. It was raining and spending R60 on taxi’s to or from Dharamsala town was not productive, especially when the only ATM doesn’t want to entertain you! I got back to the room ,checked on the dogs and scuttled to the Library Office where the rooms are rented from.I felt I owed an explanation as to why I was not paying the rent and deposit today as agreed.I was so emotional at not wanting to upset anyone, that I got upset myself.

Soppy Sod! my dad would say to me with a big smile to cheer me out of it.

         OK I was being silly, but I really don’t like letting people down. The nice Tibetan office lady could see I was emotional and gave chase as I swiftly left the room, filling up. The lady offered to meet me after her work so we could both go to the ATM and she’d help me at the machine. I accepted and deperted to the shop to get the puppy some help over the internet.(advice).

           Why-Why saw I was upset and suggested we both go to McLeod straight away where there was an ATM and she would help me. We went.

          ‘Cabbage’ here (me of course) was only putting my credit card in and leaving it in the slot, instead of pushing in then pulling it out-then pressing the buttons! Doh! Of course! That’s NOT the way we do it in England you see, no wonder I couldn’t use it. ‘Only in India’ Hey!

          Then I felt temporary joy at having money, after feeling the depression of not having any. This is typical suffering. Suffering because of attachment.Attachment to money.The attachment comes from delusion, because of course I’d be wrong to feel happy to have money, because it goes, and when it’s gone, I’m not happy any more, then I am sad and I SUFFER. OK Philosophy lesson over, for today at least! Lol J

     So I rushed back to give the office lady some money, after having a good lunch with Why-Why,attending the 24/7 chemist for puppy (Ivermectin for ‘mange’). I was so pleased to be able to pay what I owed and left with a smile. Glad I got it over and done.

           It's all part of the experience!

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Pups together like mum and daughte…
Pups together like mum and daught…
photo by: jeaniejeanie