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Ladies Venture, McLeod Ganj, India.

I attended the Buddhist philosophy class between 11am and 12noon.

Then hooked up with Why-Why and Julie for lunch at the Snow Lion. Julie paid for my meal which was very kind of her.May all beings share the merit of her good deeds!

On my way through McLeod I have noticed an increasing number of tourists or ‘New Age Travellers’ passing through.

{ The majority wear baggy lightweight trousers and tops of tie dyed or stripy material and have dreds maaan…! A

z They looked like the Stereoypical modern age Hippie, ’New Age Travellers’ With the smell of ganja wafting through the the air often, I wonder what McLeod Ganj means to the 'traveller'. Word has it on the internet, that although it is the obvious spiritual place to be, that it is also a place to hang out and get ‘monged’. So sad! Is this what the deluded think is ‘spirituality’? How utterly desperate and mixed up can one get!?

 ” I read that tourists/travellers from one particular country (Not England)are being complained about by the locals of Dharamkot. Apparently they travellers have been arriving in Dharamkot purely to smoke marijuana, so much that some locals have started cultivating it to supply the demand.This is one effect of Negative Tourism, and how places get bad names for themselves, especially when nothing appears to be done to eradicate the problem. With this kind of happpenings, comes crime, and that breeds a whole host of sad but true occurances,even rapes and murder. But there are good and bad everywhere. It’ll be aeons before we get a peaceful world at this archaeic rate!

 p So. I fear the same will happen for Dharamsala, unless

people start to complain and make some noise to cut it at the root. A neighbour told me that McLeod was selling ‘harder stuff’ than marijuana too. Bad news. Travels fast. I wonder what the Tibetan Government thinks, afterall, McLeod and Dharamsala rely on ‘good tourism’ .Do they realise the damage the ‘negative tourism’ could have on the Tibetan image? Do they realise what is going on? ~ I wonder.

 L After Buddhist Philosophy with Geshe La, class I headed off to Dharamsala to get the deposit and rent needed for the new room. I tried the ATM machine and felt my stomach turn when I did not see any register of the credit card being put in. OH NO! What am I going to do?

With only R500 to my name, I was not going very far, or eating very much, let alone a roof over my head. EEK!

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photo by: jeaniejeanie