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Apartment 1900hrs.

I guess I have gotten over the fear of making a definite change to the current situation. But I have to re-locate to a more productive location for spiritual practice and growth. When I attend the Buddhist Philosophy class at the library tomorrow, I shall ask for the available room and register for the ‘second class’ of Buddhist Philosophy. This relocation will entail:

      • Emailing Tim the details
      • Checking where the nearest parking is (all property and for Tim)
      • Packing all property
      • Depart from Ladies Venture after final payment
      • Koi, Puppy, me and property in a tourist taxi (sooty van) to the library R60

"GET OVER THE FEAR" note to self!

Met Julie the gentle mannered Australian woman at No18 yesterday, who was quite informative about the area having been here before.

Today I met Samantha, another gentle mannered Australian woman with very dark shaved hair and glasses. I asked if she’d been ordained as there were not that many shaven haired ladies about! She’s never been ordained, but she appears very spiritual.

Samantha and I shared a taxi down to the Library. Samantha paid which was very generous of her.

Met up with Way-Way at the Library during class. On the way out I met her smiley American friend Peg another Tibetan nun with a walking stick, who loves dogs. We three shared a taxi up the hill, which I barely had money enough for after registering for the Philosophy classes for the month. Way-Way kindly offered to buy me lunch at the Snow Lion Guest house. I accepted. After Lunch we had a debate with Edmond the denim clad Irish Catholic, an acquaintance of Way-Way. He had views and questions to discuss in relation to Buddhism and Catholicism. By now it was 3pm and I was itching to get away thinking Koi would have trashed the place after leaving her for nearly five hours!

Way-Way made the move and I followed her out after bidding Edmond farewell. We two made our way to the health food shop a few doors away from the ‘bus stop’ in the middle of McLeod. Then we headed for Ladies Venture where Way-Way got to see and meet Koi and ‘puppy’. We went up to the roof and all four had a sit around the table chatting which helped to clarify a couple of fears I’d had about what to do next in relation to spirituality. (Only Way-Way and I chatted) J

After Way-Way, left I gave Koi and ‘puppy’ some rice and tuna which they ate up. I found myself a new lazy way of making three coffees at once in a saucepan and did the washing.

Puppy seems to be improving slowly which puts my mind more at ease about putting her back where I found her. Anyone know a remedy for doggie mange? I must check on the internet next time I’m online.



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photo by: jeaniejeanie