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Puppy asks, "is this my side of the bed?"

Apartment. 1700htrs.

Yesterday wasn’t the first time I have mistaken one day for another, forfeiting beneficial events. I shall have to see if the room near the Library is still available.and take a look. (Must do on Monday!)

Puppy’ seems to be a little brighter, though still wobbly and jittery at times. I am still not sure if she will live more than a couple of weeks. If she does, I guess she’ll make it through this ‘runt’ stage. She looks like the typical runt of the litter. She is now in the bathroom, though I haven’t house trained her for the toilet, she goes to the door when she needs to pee! He is also learning to come to ‘Puppy!’. She often dawdles around the room, sitting as if needing rest. I guess she must be very weak. When she has the strength she runs around the room to the door as if to say, ‘must go to the loo, NOW!’ which is quite funny as she doesn’t run for anything else. I haven’t seen her tail wag yet and that has a couple of sore spots on. Like I said she is in rough condition with clumps of hair missing and sore spots. She hasn’t got fleas ticks or mites, that I can see, and she hasn’t been scratching, which is good. I’ve bathed her in baby shampoo twice and her skin doesn’t appear irritated or dry, so I have no need for a vet at the moment. Like I said she is brighter than yesterday so I am hoping she will pull through.

I have found one can of dog food since arriving here. Koi’s dried Pedigree food is all gone now. Tuna,bread,baby milk,cows milk all seem to be going down a treat! Any tips pleases send them in! I think cheese will be another treat.

I had to move the room around today.It needed a large open space, as I was starting to feel cramped. I’d rather be minimalist. I replaced the leaking waste pipe in the shower room too. Suppose its all a bit Feng Shui.

There are noticeably more tourists here this week. It is reminiscent of Kathmandu or some of the islands in Thailand. I guess this is why they say tourism can have a negative effect of the area, and I am starting to feel it. Maybe it is a good idea if I do move to the Library (mosquitoes and dampness will be deciding factors).

Both pups are now asleep, curled on their respective cushions on the floor. Time for me to sneak out and check for emails.

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Puppy asks, is this my side of th…
Puppy asks, "is this my side of t…
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