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            I had woken at 0415hrs this morning only to desire sleep, convincing myself I was too ill and needed rest. This throat is still infected. Eventually got out of bed when it got light.

            Cleaning seems to be a very good avoidance. Most of the morning this mind was intent on cleaning,the windows,the doors,the wall outside. It was 1000hrs when I decided it was enough, for today at least. I did wonder about the motivation for it. Avoidance was obvious, but the thought of making it more pleasurable for the next tenant came to mind, as a justification. I wasn’t sure, and felt I was avoiding something, so I had to stop the mind wanting to do it. Can’t let this mind get wayward!

            So I washed the cushion covers instead. Avoidance! Surely meditation was more important!

            Today I had consumed:

  • Biscuits and coffee
  • A pilchard, noodles and mayonnaise
  • More biscuits and coffee
  • 1 banana 1 apple


I checked the emails, got one from Tim. He is well and safe, although he has a cold. He purchased some boots for his feet (he only had sandals on when he left here.)

      I knocked at Dorjee’s door again. The note I left yesterday was still there. I should have dated it.

      Went back to the apartment and read some more.

      The book gave me more things to reflect upon…

§         Constant unrelenting vigilance

§         Self scrutinising before doing , thinking or saying anything

§         Guard our minds like a broken arm through an unruly crowd

§         The slightest impulses to negativity should be greeted with total paralysis of the system, like a log!

§         The body - Must free the mind from an obsessive and enslaving preoccupation with it

§         To let ourselves off the hook with the excuse that the effort is beyond us, far from corresponding with the facts, is nothing but indolence and cowardice

§         There can be no progress in concentration without a severe reduction in ones involvement in worldly affairs

§         Inner motive and personal discipline that counts

§         Those who are like children

§         The mind is attracted to what , in fact, is a mirage

§         Transcended means get rid of ? Get over ?

§         Compassion (Mahayana) The suffering of others is as real to him as his own

§         Interchange ‘I’ for ‘others’

§         Suprarational means what

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McLeod Ganj
photo by: Stevie_Wes