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Koi crashed out on her 'bed'.

Sunday the 13th August 2006. Here in the apartment at Ladies Venture, Jogiwara Road, McLeod Ganj. I dread the moment when Tim asks how much I have spent on things. Today I have overspent, buying white cotton and the services of a tailor to make me a Theravada Thai style pants, top and robe. I felt the urge after speaking with Tasmanian nun ‘Wey-Wey’ when she mentioned I could be ordained if His Holiness has time. Stranger things have happened! So I had to buy white flip flops and socks too. I am now off to the main Temple (where the teachings will be held) to see if my sitting-place marker has been removed. Also to find the tailor that Wey-Wey spoke of where I could get the clothing made. Mmm.

Well, I found the tailor, ordered the ‘outfit’ and agreed a price of 750 Indian Rupees. Made a deposit of 500R and got him to squiggle a piece of paper with the amount on.I also found that my markers (bits of plastic taped to the floor!) had been covered over with the regular temple cushions and someone’s ‘oriental’ writing on top of them. I guess it’s like starting all over again with the place marking, once the cushions are down; if only I knew the exact time they were going down I could’ve been there to ensure that no one would miss my mark and place theirs on top. DOH! Lesson learnt!) I did mark two places though!

So, thinking I needed to place something else more solid down as a marker, I rushed back up to the apartment, passing stationary shops along the way(well? I WAS looking for the widest, stickiest tape I could find!), fully conscious of Tim encouraging me to be frugal in my mind, and the implications it would have on the rent and food money (500R per day). I found some expensive tape, popped into the tailors, to see how he was getting on, asked him to make a sarong too out of the same white cotton, as it was the traditional wear. The tailor told me it wouldn’t be a problem, come back at seven pm and it’d all be done! He also said he’d charge me another 270R for the skirt. I agreed. Off I shot to the apartment, looking like a speed walker compared to the rest of the natives, refugees and ‘hippies’; I was starting to perspire…well, I was going up and down steep hills of a gradient similar to 20%, across a distance of approximately one kilometer and up and down the five flights of steps to the apartment. It was in fact the only exercise I was getting, and I felt better after all. LOL!

SO, I got to the apartment, grabbed the money, went all the way back to the shops, found sparkly silver tape and really wide clear tape(bear with me on this!) all for the best price of 40R, then off to the Temple again, placed a big sparkly silver TNT UK on the one sitting spot and covered it over with big clear tape(make sure it stays on!) then over to the other spot to tape the fluorescent orange sticky note to the cushion with big clear tape. Now surely I’ll have at least one of those places tomorrow, yes? I won’t hold my breath! Another lesson of impermanence and ‘grasping’!

Then off to the tailors again. What a splendid job he did, just my size, well stitched and on time. The lot; top, trousers, skirt and robe all for an extra 550R (a total of 1050R) and that includes the cotton and labour. I paid and rushed back to the apartment, still perspiring and speed walking, dodging stray horses, dogs, slow walking oblivious people and beggars, to the safe comfort of the room with Koi.

I have seen more monks wearing the light grey robes today, I think they are Chinese. I have not seen any nuns wearing white robes. I wonder if I will see any tomorrow. I have seen a Theravada monk wearing saffron robes this evening.

I have left Koi in the room a few times today, the longest for two and a half hours. Amazingly she did not destroy anything. It might have something to do with me wiping citronella oil on the furniture and not allowing her to sleep on the bed. We shall see. Tomorrow, when the teachings start, Koi will be left for about three hours in the morning and afternoon. I will go back and let her exercise in between.

Are you still awake(yawn) sorry for boring you. This is what it is like when I have a laptop+flashcard to store the next web-log entry until I get to the internet! Maybe I shouldn’t spend so much time on this, I should be MEDITATING (hate to state the obvious!)

Anyway, bedtime,10PM and I have the alarm on for 4am to get up with the local nuns (and monks I guess), so goodnight!

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Koi crashed out on her bed.
Koi crashed out on her 'bed'.
McLeod Ganj
photo by: Stevie_Wes