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It's been a while since the old laptop gave up the ghost and I have not updated the website. Still ,it's an end to those lengthy lectures that some of you don't want to read eh!

So, the next leg of the journey for me is to go to Pathankot (the nearest railway station) tomorrow to get the overnight train to New Delhi for the 2550th Buddhist Jayanti Celebrations (celebration of Buddhas birth,enlightenment and death) on Sunday.

Its a full moon here on Saturday so I'd better be disciplined and get the old head shaved again.

Puppy is doing rather well. Christine,the lovely American lady who moved into Rita's old room, has willingly taken on the guardianship of 'puppy'. I am soooo greatful. I was worried as any mother would be for her 'child', that she'd have no-one to give her the nurturing she needs. Puppy is still only about 4 months old and needs protection from the other strays until she can properly defend herself.

The Vet is sending a vet to the Tibet Charity building in Temple Road,on Oct 11th. I hope things turn out for the benefit of all dog owners and the dogs (as well as other animals!)

I met with Ogyen for the last time today. We had a quick conversation before he left and I shot off again to Dharamsala to put up some more posters for puppy.

His Holiness is coming into the Government Buildings tomorrow so I shall pay my respects before I leave for Pathankot.

Koi is well and I think she will miss the puppy, who may already have a new name by Gaia the Australian lady upstairs. 'Bella' after I put an elastic cord and bell around her neck!

Love Tracy x x x


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photo by: jeaniejeanie