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Friday 22nd September 2006.

TLC, Dharamsala, India


The morning has come, to take the puppy to the Animal Husbandry Clinic. I shall be cautious and consider any drug the vet may want to give her.

Puppy produced another ‘worm’-maggot-type-thingy in her stool this morning. There are tiny eggs, smaller than sesame seeds visible too. I am taking the ‘sample’ to the vet with us. Obviously the Ivermectin is not working on this internal, blood sucking parasite.

I felt my anger arise within minutes of arising. Purely as I was not ready to let the dogs out while they were excited at the door. I got angry and caught myself as I flung my robe over my shoulder in anger. "Don’t take it out on the puppies!" I thought to myself. Instead I visualised myself handing a bunch of flowers to the males that beat the dogs, and reminded myself to be loving and kind towards all beings.

So I picked up puppy and headed off to the edge of the compound where I got a taxi and zoomed off to the Animal Husbandry Department. I got there a little before 0930hrs and had to wait until about 1100hrs before puppy was sorted with her first Rabies injection,(hurrah!) some worming medication and some info on the DHPPL injection. The assistant giving puppy was kind and gentle with the injection, having just seen other dogs being injected forcefully,resisting and squealing.(It all took that long I missed the philosophy class and don’t know whether the Question I asked was answered.)

Peg the nun had told me about this place being where meat sellers show there carcasses to the vet to get it ok’d to sell. It wasn’t good for carnivores to see the dead animals with limbs and heads freshly chopped off. It makes the link between the fluffy loveable animal in the field and the kebab’s on the skewer that much closer. When I see ‘meat’ being sold in the shop now, I think how close I saw to it being alive, and my stomach churns.

Went back and tended to the dogs. Then shot up to McLeod Ganj to see if I could get anti-dandruff shampoo to help alleviate puppy’s itching. Also to see if I could see what was available for making colour posters for the advert for the re-homing of ‘puppy’.(60R for a colour A4 copy!! 20R for laminating! Expensive!

Also had a 'haircut' which was supposed to be a trim, but before I could say the word, the mature barber had sat me in the chair and proceeded to gently slap my head and massage it with water, oils and shampoo. Nice. Then as I closed my eyes and felt the smooth work of the barber, I realised it was a razor blade he was using.Gulp! Too late. Cut throat razor at the ready, he gave me a good scalping, finishing with a coconut smoothie. (He massaged in coconut oil onto my compleley bald bonce.) Job done, for 50R this time. It was 40R for a No.0 with the electric shaver from another barber last time.

So, with my mildly shocking new head and a smile on my face I went back to the Library Compound, ordering a white woolly hat to be knitted by a local Tibetan lady, popping in to see Sersang and Dorjee (Dorjee wasn’t in) along the way. So had tea with Sersang.

Got back before dusk, tended to the pooches and bed!


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photo by: jeaniejeanie