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Thursday 21st September 2006.

TLC, Dharamsala, India

1945hrs Thought I’d better update the diary as I’d let it slip for six days!

I had a lie in this morning, but soon got out of bed, up and about when I considered that not only I needed the loo! Let the doggies out. Made breakfast for us all and got my things ready for class and had it in my mind that I’d go to Baba Medical Store in Lower Dharamsala to get some cream for puppy’s foot.

After class (Geshe La didn’t answer my question today, maybe he will tomorrow.) I tended to the dogs before heading straight to the Animal Husbandry Clinic near Baba’s for advice (the one I’ve been warned about-but I figured advice won’t hurt the puppy and it could be sound advice).

I bought a 2Rupee newspaper for 10R off the 'walking newspaper man' as I didn’t have time to argue/haggle nor change and popped into the Internet Café to find all systems were down.

Got to the animal Husbandry Clinic but the main vet was not there and I was asked to go back there at 0930hrs tomorrow with the puppy. Good. This was kind of an appointment, but will not hold my hopes too high. Anything could happen between now and then.

I attended Baba’s anyhow for more Ivermectin, puppy food, dog chew, hydrocortisone cream (for puppies foot) and Milky Bars (for me!). Went back into Dharamsala for curd, bread,incense, biscuits and the ATM, before heading back to the library shop for bread sticks and tea bags.

Got back to the dogs in the room , after tending to the dogs I had chance to sit down for tea and biscuits infront of the newspaper, before Ogyen came around for the English conversation.

I tried a little hydrocortisone cream on puppy with no adverse effects so I shall wait till tomorrow morning, go to the vet and see what he says. Must get salt for this kind of thing. I forgot the salt cellar was unuseable because of the moist air.

Two days ago I think maybe the Monsoon period had finished (if it can be according to nature!). I say this because I noticed fireflies and the sound of Ciccada beetles for the past two nights. It coincides with good amounts of sunshine, although there is still downpours, the sun has increased its time out.

There has been no repercussion so far, from the males at the shop who beat the little dogs. The sticks that I took from them still remain propped up against a drainpipe beside the front door of my room, as a reminder of my ‘misdemeanour’.

Puppy has really responded well to the treatment of Ivermectin (which treats worms, mange mites and ticks!) Calcimax (calcium supplement), Lactogen (baby milk formula), Pedigree Puppy food, Tuna and boiled rice, titbits of ‘Happy Cow’ cheese, her plastic ball and chew ring, her chew ‘bone’ and loving from Koi and myself. Puppy even wags her tail at meeting people and when she instigates play with Koi and myself. Why-Why mentioned how nice and shiny her coat was looking now. Puppy seems happy!

Ending on a good note, I bid you goodnight and remember to think positive thoughts about what is to be done in the morning, and to smile and say ‘Hello!’ to people. X x x

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photo by: jeaniejeanie