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Wednesday 20th September 2006

TLC Dharamsala, India


0430hrs woke, got up, let dogs out etc.

0500hrs cooked rice for dog food, breakfast

0745hrs heard the little dog screaming again, prepared question to teacher about what to do about the dog and the angry young man who beats it.

0815hrs showered, got ready for first class

0855hrs went to class, nearly slept during class, had trouble staying with the interpreter as he struggles to interpret.The person beside me(out of about 40 spare places they could have chose, they chose next to me) can’t help but whisper to themselves all through the class. Instead of absorbing what the interpreter stated, I learn a bit more to do with patience and tolerance! Had a nice little chat with Andrea, the lady from directly above my room, about this problem I had. Andrea was very helpful to me, very kind and understanding. Thank you Andrea. Thanks also to the people that annoy me for being my teachers too!

1005hrs class finishes and I go back to the room. Why-Why pops down for a chat. I just know Koi is going to get into trouble if I let her out free, oooo there she goes! Out, around the balcony, onto the green roof, off onto the floor in chaes of a large male gibbon? Other dogs take part in the chase, I tag along and manage to coax Koi to me as she gives up chase, realising she is away from her ‘safe’ place. Phew! Every time!

1055hrs class No.2! I stayed awake and took notes. Left my question with Ruth Sonam the English lady translator. (Q. I know of an angry man that regularly beats a little dog with a stick.What should I do? Take the sticks? Speak to him about it? I fear for the dog’s next beating will be soon. Should I treat the man like a king?)

1205hrs class finishes and I get back to the room, after chatting briefly with Dave Wooster, the newest acquaintance from Reading, UK. He stubbed his toe on a rock late last night.Walking in the dark on a quiet road. His toenail is grey.We think it will fall off! Gotta laugh, or you’ll cry! Lol Sorry Dave, but it happens to us all! Live and learn with the best of them eh!? Back outside the room whilst having Koi out, Gaia gives me a large Golden Delicious apple shes just purchased from the travelling fruit man.

Sometime later I hear the little dog screaming again. I go to the edge of the balcony to see a young Indian male poking the dog with a stick. I shout out," OI! " to which the male hesitates, then starts kicking the dog whilst the dog is in a small part of the shop. I had enough of not doing anything practical. I went down there. It was too quick for a plan! I took my time when I got there, seeing as the dog was not being beaten at that point. It also gave me time to think about what I was going to say or do. I browsed through the open shop, noticing the yard long wooden stick on the counter.

"What is this for?" I asked the young male stood square infront of me. He couldn’t answer for some reason, after asking what I wanted when I entered the shop, I thought he could understand what I was asking about the stick, or did he know what I was getting at? A Tibetan man was sat beside the shop front translated for the man, seeing that I didn’t get a reply.

"Nothing" the indian male replied.

"Nothing. Well then, you don’t mind if I take it then, nor these other sticks that you use for beating the dog with." As I promptly picked up all five assorted thicknesses of wood and bamboo that stood in a corner as I strode out of the shop, shaking with adrenaline.

I don’t think the young male was angry with me, as I heard laughter shortly afterwards. I only hope he got the message, but I know it is not a permanent solution. That has to come from within that males mind. That could be a very, very long time to come. The dog or me could be dead by then.

Kilash asked what was wrong when I got back to the room. I showed him the sticks and told him what I’d done. Kilash said the male would probably be more angry. He was probably right, but I’d rather make a point to the male and remove a few ‘weapons of choice’ . When Kilash went away I was left feeling like ther’d be repercussions soon, negative ones. I was trying to prepare my mind for such an event.

1630hrs I spoke to Why-Why who popped down again, told her what happened to see what she thought. She said good for me and that it’d probably given him something to think about. Why-Why was surprised at the size of some of the sticks, considering that the dog (that was being beaten) is the size of a chihuaua. I’ll have to let Geshe La know what I’ve done so he can advise me better! Mmm.

1700hrs Ogyen arrived and I had an hour of English conversation with him.

1805hrs Ogyen left and I tended to the dogs. Started to update the journal.

2030hrs Take dogs out for last wees and poos. Whilst upstairs on the roof with Koi, I bump into Andrea and we have a chat that lasts so long, Koi tries to get my attention by sitting with her front paws waving in the air above her head, "Hey mum, I wanna go to bed now purleeese!" We had chatted for about 2 hours!

1100hrs Got back into the room after talking socio-ethics with Andrea, who is from the border of Italy and Slovenia, and used to be a nurse. She made a lot of sense about how to get along with ‘different’ cultures.

1145hrs Captains Log. Stardate 2550DOH! sorry wrong blog! Lol


I noticed puppy has a rash of small blisters on her rear right paw, anointed with diluted dettol, will do salt water tomorrow. Considered taking her to vet in Lower Dharamsala (Animal Husbandry Clinic that I have been advised not to take animals to by and Why-Why.) for her initial injections DHPPL / Rabies and Heartworm treatment. I shouldn’t need a separate worming treatment for the worms I found the other day as Ivermectin kills most worms anyway.

I must get her treatment sorted before I leave Dharamsala and her new home.

Night Night!

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