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Hi Folks, we hope you are all keeping well,safe and happy.

We have travelled a trail of chapati and pop stores along the way from Gilgit , up the Karakorum Highway to Sust/Sost and back. We were going to travel up to the Khunjerab pass, but due to a 50metre wide landslide up the road, and the scenery running out we decided to head back to Gilgit for a mechanical check (on the car) and a breather before heading off to the Deosai Plains near Skardu (where it will be very cold-possibly snowing!, and about 4,500metres above sea level.).

We had an annoying and slightly worrying rattling from the axles of the car, but after two appointments at the local and recommended garage mechanic, got it sorted.Good.We also had the windows blacked out to help with privacy on the pop-stops.

Tim is fine,and is making sure Tracy and Koi do not get too much unwanted attention!Tracy had a poorly belly due to Dehydration, in Karimabad, one of the stops along the way up to Khunjerab pass.Nothing to do with the water or the food, (Thankfully).

Generally the people of Pakistan are very hospitable,friendly,welcoming and helpful.

In each and every one of the countries we have been through,we have seen this kind of person,harmless,gentle and smiling - and then there is always at least one who will remind you that there is good and bad everywhere, wherever you go. Even in ourselves we have to be alert and not let our negative emotions rule us.

Today we were due to go to Skardu, but it's running late, and we have tomorrow to go first thing. From there we travel south along the KKH to Chilas,Mansehra (to see Buddhist related rock carvings and sites) towards Islamabad,where we have a 'date' for Haagen Daaz Ice cream and Beer (for the boys), with Jill and Vince who we met on the Shandur Pass, and our 'almost' travelling companions Dan and Adam on their BMW's.

From Islamabad we shall head off to visit the very friendly Anwar Family from Lahore, who have invited us to stay with them in Lahore (we met at the Passu Tourist Lodge hotel in Passu the other day)! Then from Lahore we travel east to India's Amritsar. This is where Tim is likely to have a loop round trip with the lads on motorbikes further up North India (he will hire one), and Koi will stay with Tracy whilst on Meditation retreat in Dharamsala.

That's it for today...Lets us know how you are then!!

Sending Metta to EVERY SENTIENT BEING!! x x x

Happysmiler says:
All well in very hot and sunny Solihull 34 degrees!!! Enjoying your travel writing. Sue XXXXXX
Posted on: Jul 25, 2006
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