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Hi Folks how are you all? Please send a message and let us know how you are and what is happening in the UK. We recently heard UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is going to step down and glad to hear that  Thai Prime Minister has been kicked out of government by the army, backed by the people and the King, no less. Woo hoo!

Tim, (who is safe and well after a battering and jumping out of the sky on his paragliding course in Manali) popped in to see me, picked up Koi and booked my bus trip to the new Tibetan Colony Majnu Katilla, (just outside of Delhi). I spent an hour or two with Tim before I got the bus at 630pm from McLeod Ganj Coach stand.

It was a rush getting all packed and squashed into the truck. Little 'Puppy' is now with her loving new foster mum Christine back at the apartment in the Tibetan Library accommodation. I am SOOOOO greatful!! THANKS CHRISTINE!! (lovely lady)

Gosh that CityLand Travel bus from Dharamsala to Delhi was rough going. It wasn't like the photo on the wall in the travel office so BUYER BEWARE! The grubby, worn grey material seating, stunk of vomit. What had I let myself in for? I knew I should have got the train! Less and less I do not fight with my own instinct,instead of taking the opinions of others. This will teach me to take the opinions even less!Trust my instinct more. It doesn't fail me.

The journey was pretty hair raising. Worse than a bumpy Ghost train in the dark. When I did look out the front window, I remember seeing the stone walls and oncoming buildings whizzing left to right as the coach made the switchbacks out of Dharamsala. Then came the numerous crevices, pipes and holes in the road. I tried to shut my eyes and meditate, but the notion that we were travelling through a crop field was a bit too much. I banged my head a few times on the window, which kept sliding open of its own accord, letting in belching fumes.

And then the group of 3 Korean young males decided to crack open a bottle of alcohol and have a crafty smoke at the back of the bus.The smell of both made me feel ill. From then I imagined one of them inevitably vomiting. What ELSE! (suffering suffering! only because I was craving more comfort!)

For tonight I am in the Himalaya House (guesthouse) for tonight,as it's 350R. I was hoping to get it cheaper but they haven't anything and its a bit on the claustrophobic side with a wall outside the window(we are used to that one eh!?)

So tomorrow at checkout time I shall search for another guesthouse. for the following 3 nights. (Fri/Sat/Sun)

Got my 50R return bus ticket for the teaching sorted.

Internet here is 30R per hr.

This is the new Tibetan Colony, compared to the older colony where the Tibetan Gompa is a couple of hundred yards up the street. The walkways between the buildings are only narrow enough for a scooter or rickshaw to get down so it's relatively quiet. Either side of the strip of colony is the main dual carriageway and the river(sewer). I call it that because enroute here for a couple of KM I was gobsmacked at the hundred or so men having poos at the riverbank. Every 20yards there was another bare bum.  Made me feel ill. There was also one section of river that appeared to be polluted with that white foamy snow stuff we found in another country(looks like snow). That stunk too. It is so unhealthful in these parts , not to mention the pollution from vehicles! But the Tibetan colony isn't bad (apart from the manhole where the workman was up to his armpits in sewage. He looked like he was having a grim time, looking at his hesitation at diving back in it.

Well.After having a really rough night I am ready for breakfast! Christine tells me the food is good at Himalay(it had better be at the prices of expensive McLeod Ganj eateries!) Woo hoo!

Bye for now. Love and peace to all,Tracy x x x

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