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We woke up this morning in the beautiful haven that is the Bamboo hotel in Santiago. Had coffee at our hotel overlooking the lake and then took a hike through the shrubs into town. We had a great breakfast at this little place..The usual authentic version of some kind of eggs and beans. The funny part however was that there was some lady begging outside that kept talking to us and was literally sitting outside the resaturant waiting for us to leave and give her money. I kept talking to her in spanish and telling her it wasn´t going to happen, and then we tried just ignoring her...but she just sat there!! So we finished breakfast and headed out to walk around. Walked through the great little open air markets. The little kids are so adorable in their traditional outfits. Joe and I really enjoyed Santiago because it wasn´t touristy at all. We seriously were some of the only people there not from there. It has been soo fun practicing my spanish-im remembering a lot! So we packed up our stuff and headed over to Santa Cruz via a launch (well actaully 2) so we are here right now at the coolest freaking hostel. We will have to write more later because well...its happy hour RIGHT NOW!!!

J and L... off to the bar...

Well its been a few days since we had access to a computer and a lot has happened since!! I guess we left off at happy hour... As you can imagine, it was a ton of fun. It was our first night staying at the Iguana Hostel in Santa Cruz and we had such a blast we we decided to stay there a second night.

Well anyway, it was our first night there and we met some great people. Had a communal dinner that was soo fun. We ended up going to this guy Peter's house down the road (well, lets call it a path of sorts, more of a slip and slide in the rain!) from the hostel with a few friends after dinner. Wow, talk about a night we did not anticipate. Our friends that we met were drinking their own drink concoction which consisted of honey covered shrooms, whiskey, cocaine, and water. Didn't really realize that all that stuff went so well together...but if anyone is interested....apparently if anyone wants some good cheap drugs, go to Pana and ask for Maria (apparently its a family affair). Obviously joe and i didn't partake but it was freaking funny to watch. These same guys had taro cards too and were doing our readings..We found out the lady that was there was like 47 and a swinger. So ridiculous. Ok so enough about that. It was fun. People were
funny... we drank wine and chilled until late in the evening with them on the top level of his house which was outside and felt like a tree house . The walk home with a buzz and a half working flashlight was interesting to say the least... wearing flip flops did not help either!

Ahhh bed time :)

bluepaintislove says:
Okay, so the first comment response makes it sound like Chloe and Mike are the sweaty ones. I assure you that was not the case. Besides, I'm a girl, I don't sweat I glow...right? It was fun though, I'll be dragging you all over the place to dance when you get back, so I hope you're ready. I MISS YOU!! Post pictures!
Posted on: Jul 26, 2007
mjacob33 says:
Hi there guys!!! Chloe, Mike and I are on our way to salsa...hope they're less sweaty this time. Write more...need update. Luv you both.
Posted on: Jul 24, 2007
mjacob33 says:
Sounds like a great time! Keep blogging and i'll keep reading...Luv u both
Posted on: Jul 22, 2007
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