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So within about 5 minutes of our arrival into Antigua we decided to take the 2pm tour to the top of the Pacaya Volcano. So we take the chicken bus, which if you arn't aware is pretty much a ghetto school bus filled with about 40 to 45 of us from about a million different countries. We met some great people as we hiked *i mean HIKED* up this volcano. We had a crazy guide who i guess wasn't supposed to take us to the top because it was too active, but when in Guatemala i guess... lets just get REALLY close anyways!! It was soo incredible. I have never experienced anything like that. We were about 20 feet if that from active molten lava flow and of course Joe felt the need to roast marshmallows! (photos coming...)  A random 2 guys from our group were stupid and got too close and almost feel on some lava and another one went off on his own only to have our funny tour guide yell after him "loco amigo". So it got late and we started to head down, naturally slipping and sliding as the stupid volcanic rocks gave way under our feet, it was actually pretty funny except for the fact that it was sharper than coral and kinda cut ya up a bit!! So it was pitch black as we headed down. Good thing Joe brought a flashlight, bad thing that he hadnĀ“t changed the battery in 2 years and it decided to die halfway down! Good thinking dude :) By the time we finally got down we were so tired and thirsty because of course we forgot to pack food, we ran for a beer and the only food we could find...cheetos (ewww). Well we met some great people, Tara from Arizona and a few boys from Ohi, and planned to all go out that night for a great meal. However, by the time we got back to Antigua it was about 10:30 and we were all so exhausted that we went our separate ways to pass out. Well joe and I headed to find our hotel, in an exhausted stupor we stumbled upon a fantastic little taco shop, slit an order of which we ran into none other than the loco amigo from our tour group. We some how (granted it took a while!) found our way back to our hotel) and passed out for the night. There was no doubt that were were going to sleep well that night!

AndiPerullo says:
Haha, sounds like a fantastic adventure! I think I'm going to try it for myself this Friday. Wahooo!
Posted on: Mar 19, 2008
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Pacaya Volcano
photo by: Deannimal