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I don't know why being here is so thrilling to me. Probably because I sit behind a desk for work 100% of the time, spending time at this institution is one of the most engaging, challenging and inspiring things I've done in a really really long time. And I love the people! I made a whole gaggle of friends today and I think we're even going to have a dinner/party at my apartment this week!

But what a nightmare today started out as, though. I locked myself out of the apartment, couldn't get the internet to work, and slew of other nightmarish problems. I ended up walking back and forth between the apartment and the office so many times that my feet are all blistered. And then it kept raining on and off despite being a muggy 78 degrees!

We went to Acici AITIC today, which is a intergovernmental organization that helps LDCs and developing countries who have no presence in Geneva or otherwise REALLY need a hand in WTO talks. They seem like an amazing organization and are mainly funded by European countries (no US involvement so far). Their funding ends next year, so I really hope they get re-funded and hopefully to a greater degree. I can't believe their annual budget is something like 4.5 million swiss francs considering all that they do. But it's also hard to believe they'll be re-funded since donor countries really don't get anything out of it. Fingers are crossed for them to get a better budget next year..

So a bunch of classmates and I might do a UN tour where we visit all the UN buildings on Friday before class starts! And a classmate and I might go to the Lausanne and Montreaux excursion this Saturday! That would be so fun! I have a small troup of classmates that I really adore. A girl from italy, a girl from South Africa (ethnically indian) who speaks Zulu! A sweet Canadian girl who seems up for anything, and a funny girl from Mississippi whose story I haven't quite gotten yet. I feel like I'm in college again as we tend to dissolve into laughter. It feels funny to be the only American in the group, but in some ways, the diversity is exactly what I'm looking for.

AndiPerullo says:
My fingers are crossed that they get refunded. Have fun with all of your new friends. Meeting new people is the best! :)
Posted on: Jul 17, 2007
eejot says:
I wanna see this guy, lol
Posted on: Jul 11, 2007
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