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Some of the HEI clan. Here we have represented: LA, Italy, South Africa, Mississippi, and NY.
Geneva is f'in amazing, but you really have to come here with a purpose. With it, you have at your disposal some of the kindest people, amazing resources and political heavyweights in the world. Without a purpose, this may be chalked up as a "scenic" city during your stay.

I'm one of the few people who aren't staying all 4 weeks. I'm surprised how many Ministries of Trade have multiple representatives attending this program considering the high cost. Delegations from Vietnam and Kazakhstan are both here, but I'm sorry to report that they are neither very bright, cultured or do I consider themselves good representatives for their country.

I'm also surprised at how many missions open their door to us. I don't think you'll find this anywhere else in the world unless you personally know someone and receive an invitation.
Entering the WTO
We had some really amazing speakers from the WTO in addition to having meetings with the delegations of the various countries' missions. We had trips arranged to the missions from Kenya, Brazil, China, Mexico, among many others. I didn't expect China to have its doors so wide open, but this seems to be the policy they're are adopting at large in the WTO. Never has a country seen such high surveillance at the WTO, but these were the terms China accepted, and I really applaud them for bearing it.

Well I absolutely adore the international set and am completely in love with one of the program directors. Ok, I'm totally overstating it. Infatuated with is probably more appropriate at this point as there is little chance for reciprocity =) But a girl can always dream, can't she? =)

It's really gorgeous here.
One side of the WTO building.
And we've all agreed that we could live in Geneva forever!

What else.. I really like my American friend ... there's also another girl from Denver, CO who is really granola looking but acts like she's queen of the world. My friend and I were both like "since when is Denver a place to be snotty about?!" Hilarious..

There's also this strange Hapa girl from San Francisco. I'm bewildered by her lack of flexibility. She's this really pretty girl who reminds me of my old roommate Katelyn, but not quite as alien looking - with these huge dimples and she dresses *beyond* preppy. Almost like preppy from the 50's. And she's very smart, but very liberal in a way that's unrealistic and enters the annoying zone. Her points are valid, but her mindset is so idealistic it ends up wasting time instead of actually solving anything.
AndiPerullo says:
Oh la la, a love interest! I can't wait to read what comes about of it...

Glad you are having such an enlightening trip!
Posted on: Jul 17, 2007
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Some of the HEI clan. Here we have…
Some of the HEI clan. Here we hav…
Entering the WTO
Entering the WTO
One side of the WTO building.
One side of the WTO building.
One of the program directors!
One of the program directors!
WTO meeting room - do you see the …
WTO meeting room - do you see the…
photo by: DADKA