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So no pictures for this entry, but I had my first day of classes at the "Haute Etudes Internacionales" for WTO studies. It was really intense.

The entire Vietnam and Kazahkstan ministry of trade is in my class!! You can tell the Vietnamese probably came on the government's dime because they were all falling asleep and not really paying attention. I really do believe you have to pay for something yourself in order to appreciate and take full advantage. I was also surprised that the Kazakhs looked completely asian! Some sort of chinese or thai look - crazy! I guess I've allowed the movie Borat to color my judgment on what Kazakhs should look like.

What else.. we went to the Kenyan Mission after class. Countries that are lucky enough to be able to fund an office here in Geneva have a place where the delegation can work from and use as a home base. Delegates are incredibly well educated and seem to have a thorough understanding of the way "things really work" at the WTO, which I'm learning, much to my disappointment. The whole "equitable and fair treatment of all members states" seems to be a bit of an idealistic spin on the way things really happen.

But I was really happy, as I was able to use the few swahili words that I knew with the head of the delegation. He was really pleased to hear my "Asante" and responded with "Asanta Sana." That was the highlight of my day and really makes me want to learn Swahili even more now.

AndiPerullo says:
One day...
Posted on: Jul 17, 2007
jenn79 says:
You are faaar too kind to me Andi =) I don't do any work that's that cool yet.. but one day!
Posted on: Jul 17, 2007
AndiPerullo says:
The work you do is really inspiring! I hope that this trip provides you with even more valuable knowledge about how to help the world. :)
Posted on: Jul 17, 2007
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photo by: DADKA