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Ahh, it feels good to be waking up at 7am instead of 3am due to jetlag and then trying to fall back asleep, only to startle awake every hour worrying about the time. It's so nice to have an alarm that actually works despite the lack of a snooze button. =) I think today begins the break in the rain we've been having as well.

I have a few min to spare this morning, and I wanted to quickly remind myself how lucky we are in the U.S. As much as I am loving Europe, small nuances remind me how spoiled we are in the U.S. Particularly since I feel totally malnutritioned here. I've only been able to get my hands on croissants, quiches and bread + cheese since I've been here. I seem to be allergic to Swiss chocolate - I had one on the plane and promptly broke out in hives! And I just ate some pistachio ice cream last night and my throat wanted to devour itself from itchiness.
One of the few pics of Christine and I
All very attractive, I know.

But the thing that astounds me is that things are so small and cost so much! A "coffee" is the size of a thimble and costs 3 francs at least. Food is so tiny that I realize we Americans are used to getting as much of what we want for so cheap! I drink tons of tea British style on a daily basis and when I got to the apartment, I looked through the cupboards for a mug. All they had were teacups, but they were TINY little things. - you can't have more than a few sips. I literally thought to myself "well this won't do.. maybe there is a VASE that I can use!"

Then the beds. Here, they are really thin and the frames are so low I feel like I'm sleeping on the ground. Just a bit of adjustment to it, but it was surprising. In the U.
One of our program directors
S. I think we spend a lot of money on comforts related to food and sleep. Here, clothes and accessories may be a bigger preoccupation. Who knows?

So I'm off to class again! Full day of school today, with classes, special speakers and then an evening lecture. Will update when I return!


Absolutely exhausting day of classes - from 9am to 8pm - INSANE!! I felt sick after a visit to a creperie. I'm not sure why I'm so sensitive to food here. Everything makes me ill. I think I need to stop smoking. Ah well. Anyway, here are some pictures!!!

So one piece of bad news is that our "exam" is a 5 page paper that needs to be handed in on Saturday - which is when I planned on going ot Montreux/Chillon. That means I'll have to write it on Friday morning before we visit the WTO if I want to participate in all the activities that I wanted to. Waah, like I don't have enough stress having a midterm the day I come back!?!?
AndiPerullo says:
Allergic to swiss chocolate, how terrible!!!
Posted on: Jul 17, 2007
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View from HEI campus
View from HEI campus
One of the few pics of Christine a…
One of the few pics of Christine …
One of our program directors
One of our program directors
Simon and Georgia
Simon and Georgia
This is what happens when you give…
This is what happens when you giv…
My friend Christine with another p…
My friend Christine with another …
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