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South Africa, Mississippi, Mexico City and Canada.
Today is without a doubt the most perfect weather it's been since I've arrived in Switzerland. It's probably 70 degrees outside with a light breeze, and perfectly sunny. And I am stuck inside doing an exam until 6pm..

Hoping to finish early, go get my hair cut across the street at Jean Louis David and then head off to dinner/dessert/clubbing. Woohoo!

I am allergic to the Swiss Champagne ice cream.. I guess it's Benedryl time! Sucks cause it's SO YUMMY!


Finished paper at 6:05 and submitted that POS. Look downstairs through the window and Jean Louis David is promptly closed already, of course. Shower and get ready to go out to dinner, and of course.. it's raining right now. Hahaaa. ohhh the luck. The dumb luck!


So I'm sitting here with my ears ringing because we just got back from Club Platinum.
The gang.
It's funny, apparently it's one of the nicest clubs in the world and I actually have to agree. It's classy, clean, and generally everything that Switzerland seems to embody.

I had a great night. Went for KBBQ and got to know Christina a little better. She's an amazing young woman, but I imagine all the people that I have met have similarly amazing things to tell. Afterwards we met up with a gang of HEI students at Cinq Portes (5 doors) and had delicious dessert and this adorable waiter who ran away because we flirted with him in English. Ah well, sometimes you just have to try =)

Then Christine and I went to Scandale, which is exactly equidistant from our places on Rue de Lausanne and open very late so we end up there a lot. We stayed for a bit and then headed out to Platinum on Quai de Seujet where I was charged 20 francs for a freaking coca cola.
Laura and John
HOLY SHIT. I don't know how they get away with that..

It's a really nice club though. We were bored at first because they were playing really gay Euro music. Like, I think one song was about happiness and another song had a lot of "happy" in it. Just ridiculous. So we hid in the bathroom and talked (amazingly Europeans don't hang out in the bathroom) and by the time we exited the American hip hop came on and there is NOTHING like hip hop to get your juices flowing. I danced for the first time in so long and totally sweated away 5lbs. This adorable 16 year old tried to dance with me and we totally made out for like 5 minutes, it was awesome! I kept saying to Rina "what am I supposed to do with a 16 year old?!" Then I pushed him away for a second and he left and that's why he's 16.

So now I have no hearing and I'm totally deaf and I encourage you to go clubbing in Europe. People are really nice and there isn't the drunk shoving that goes on at an overcrowded dance floor in America that I am so used to. There's no haterish feeling and it's just pretty darn cool. Even this totally bonehead blonde American guy who kept throwing up signs and singing along really loudly to the american songs couldn't faze us tonight.

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South Africa, Mississippi, Mexico …
South Africa, Mississippi, Mexico…
The gang.
The gang.
Laura and John
Laura and John
photo by: DADKA