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If i have learned anything, it is that being flexible can often bring you many more gifts than having a rigid schedule. My roomate Chami has experienced my obsession with lists firsthand. In fact, when I’m stressed or overwhelmed that’s the first thing I do and it helps it really does. But i’ve wondered if I’ve missed out on it.

When I came to london I was determined to be flexible and not come with a rigid agenda. I did have certain things I wanted to see like # 10 Downing Street (The Prime Minister’s abode), trafalgar square, parliment buildings, the London eye..etc.etc…But I just kind of wanted to wander. So the first day, that’s what I did. I took a random subway from the apartments where I’m staying into London center. I got off and let the wanderings begin. i had no map (except for a subway map so I could get back). THe first thing I saw was a little alley with a bunch of old bookshops. Eeekkk…delighted I persued that and for the rest of the day I merely wandered from one street to another. I’d see an inviting store and go there and then from there I’d see an intrguing street. Later I realized that in the midst of my aimlings I’d ended up seeing a whole lot of what I’d wanted to see. I’d seen all the above plus been able to center myself and get a feel for where things were. I didn’t really go in anywhere except the Churchill museum but all of a sudden I looked up and about a mile away i could see the apartments..soon I’d ambled back to them! In my aimless wanderings I had not only seen a ton more than I thought I would but I’d managd to find my way back without paying money for the tube!

Today was just as serendipitious. I had thought about doing the hop-on/hop-off bus but I also wanted to sleep in one more time so that my body could catch up. So i did and then went to the noon service of…drum roll…Westerminster Abbey. OH MY>>> Words just cannot describe! Saying the same words that I say in my humble little church in this building that shouts of power and glory above all else was just amazing. God is one of power and humbleness and I don’t think I ever realized the power aspect as much. Worshiping Him while surorunded by the bodies of the most famous poets, scientists, politicians, kings, queens, muscianins, nobles and peasents, made me realize that having a God of power gives US power as well, and it is up to us to use that power for good and not evil. Which in a way, led me to realize why it is that the greates fantasy writers are all British!!!! Narnia, the Middle Earth and Hogwarts had to have been inspired by the gilt and lush and detailed surroundings and architecture that are everywhere in london!!!! Anyway, I can’t talk more about the Abbey because there just arn’t words. Afterwards I wandered over to the parliment buildings to see if i could peek in and once again, things just turned out perfectly. I started to ask a question and I was given a big green card and whisked here and there and told to sit, stand walk be quite etc. and soon I found myself in the House of Commons listening to a debate! it was sooo cool. Most of te visitors around me only stayed for like 5 minutes but i felt myself rooted to the spot for an hour. And then! There was no queue for the debate going in the House of Lords and I got to sit there for like an hour too!!! Sooo cool, I never dreamed I’d be able to do that! I didn’t even know it was in session!!!! So that was just sooo cool!!!!!! So yes, this trip has been quite delightful so far….Pics won’t happen until i get home probably….but yes, they will be delightful so check back!!! And I do miss everybody!!!

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photo by: ulysses