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U know in life everything is important ur carrier ur money ur house or flat or any place where u can live but the real good time u pass is with ur friend!!!!!yes its is for me my friend its my second familly it often important of my brother cause they are always there when u are need of us for anything !!!!And in life when u want relaxing and have party and good time u call ur friend as well !!!

My friend and i have a tradition since 4 years is each years at the same date we going to the island for a week or for a week end or maybe u pass only for a day or for a half of day but this tradition was very important cause the way of life for each other was so different but at this time and at this pace each person was egal !!!!yes everybody have the own job on direent kind of job but at this time everybody was friend only friend and in life this time was very important cause u remember the most important thing in life  is the person who are there and the fun u make with us that is very important cause at the same place each person was egal and thinking on the same way just be happy and dont worrie about time that what i like with the island

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