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One of the newest and coolest skyscrapers in Melbourne.

We covered some kind of mileage today… or do they call it kilometerage Down Under?  We rose (obscenely) early this morning and left Canberra almost before dawn.  A steady but soft rain fell for the first couple of hours as we wound our way northwestward back toward the main road that connects Sydney and Melbourne. 

Even though the road was ostensibly an interstate, we passed through multitudes of small towns along the way.  In Australia, like the Mother Country, they heavily employ roundabouts (or “rotaries,” as Sheldon calls them) so instead of exits, you just zip around the roundabout, and if you wish to get off, you take the left or right spoke of the wheel.  If you removed the cars parked along the left side of the road, you would be hard pressed to identify the small towns as Australian instead of American.

Skyline from the Yarra River.
  Each was quaint and quirky in its own way, full of little mom and pop shops.  We stopped in one little town, Holbrook, and sampled some of the finest homemade baked pastries known to man.  For a short while, we considered skipping Melbourne altogether and dropping anchor at that patisserie. 

After significant debate, the three of us finally decided that the land in the State of Victoria most closely resembles Montana.   In particular, we think it is akin to the land that immediately precedes the Rockies… soft grassland covered hills that undulate all over the countryside.  In its own unique way, the land is pretty and worth exploring more fully.  Because of our time constraints, we were not able to turn off on dozens of little roads that would have led to any number of adventures.

The performing arts complex. Pretty cool looking at night.
  Oh, well.  I guess that is for another trip. 

We arrived on the outskirts of Melbourne around 3:00 this afternoon and wound our way through a veritable United Nations to get to the city proper and our motel.  Seriously, this street had hundreds and hundreds of shops that represented untold dozens of countries.  At one point, every sign was in Arabic; at another, Greek.  Italian, Indian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and on and on.  We settled on a place, though, right on the tram (trolley) line into downtown.  After (literally) throwing our bags in the room, we sped toward downtown Melbourne and started our exploration of this marvelous city.

Since we didn’t get downtown until 4:30 pm, our sightseeing was at a minimum.

Our pimped out ride. Miller drove this thing like a beast.
  Tomorrow promises to bring a more active exploration, and we will write more about the city then.  However, we did venture to the world-famous Lygon Street for dinner.  Melbourne is known as the restaurant capital of Australia, and Lygon Street is the epicenter of the restaurant world here in the city.  Umpteen eateries filled both sides of the street, from the ultra-cheap to the ultra-high end.  We chose a medium-priced Italian place, which proved to be a great selection… first because its food was dynamite, and second because it was just a couple doors down from anther terrific gelateria.  I could get use to this place.

More tomorrow, mates.


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One of the newest and coolest skys…
One of the newest and coolest sky…
Skyline from the Yarra River.
Skyline from the Yarra River.
The performing arts complex.  Pret…
The performing arts complex. Pre…
Our pimped out ride.  Miller drove…
Our pimped out ride. Miller drov…
On the way to Melbourne, we stoppe…
On the way to Melbourne, we stopp…
photo by: jendara