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Well, my second year in Korea is now coming to a close and I can accurately describe the ill that plagues this country: XENOPHOBIA.

That's right: this cultural vacuous wasteland suffers from the biggest most irrational illogical case of xenophobia I have ever come acrost.  Why?  Simply put:  they think they're right!  The problem is, however, that while South Korea is not sufficiently independent (i.e. natural resource-wise...their vast populace means very little space for crops, the scant quantity of which is exported anyways so that national consumption is based on imported foodstuffs which are ridiculously overpriced) they cannot afford to be so arrogant as to think that the Korean way is the only way.  Ask any company that does business with Korea....THEY DON'T LIKE TO DO IT!!!!  Why?  Because the vast majority of businessmen who deal with international relations are just that---MEN.  And ALL men in Korea are subject to a 2 yr military service which teaches them nothing but to obey their superiors, regardless of whether the command is logical or sound.  Women, while they fare much better in developing these much needed international relations, have to often report to superiors--WHO ARE MEN--and while they are much more open minded to other cultures, and in fact are far more successful at developing and maintaining these relations are often discouraged by their superiors.  Also; since women are relatively new to the workplace in general in Korea, they are often sidelined for oftentimes underqualified and xenophobic, Korean-over-proud males who damage the very relations that are paramount to Korea's survival!!!!


It is my intention, in my new post, to attempt to instill in my students, an inquiring mind and the ability to show interest, compassion and empathy for other cultures.  For the current attitude of the average Korean just won't do if they are to create what they are desperately trying to create:  Global Koreans.

That is all.
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