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We got an early bus out of Noosa to head for the Fraser Escape Backpackers in Hervey Bay, where we were going on a budget 3 day 4x4 tour of Fraser Island, the world's largest sand island, complete with local dingo population.

We thought we'd left plenty of time to check out and walk down to the bus, but it was Census Day! We had to fill out the census form which took about 20 minutes, and would have made us miss the bus and been left waiting for 4 hours had the resort not realised a few people were having the same problem and cranked up the minibus and catapulted us all down the hill and onto the bus!

We'd booked our Hervey Bay/ Fraser Island Experience online from Sydney. The package, costing $125 each, involved a night in the Hervey hostel on either side of the Fraser Island trip, a briefing meeting, 3 days driving around Fraser Island, 2 nights camping and use of a BBQ and being put into a group with other travellers for the duration. We had to chip in an extra $60 each for food, fuel, insurances, etc, but it was still a good deal.
At 3pm, we had a briefing with the Hervey staff, who put us into groups and told us what to expect. We all chipped into the food and drink kitty and four of the girls (me included) set off for the supermarket with a long list of stuff from the boys, much wishful thinking going on! Sirloins were out of our budget, but we got some cheaper steaks, veggies, beer, wine, coke, fruit, and snacks like chocolate and crisps for the ten of us for the next two and a half days. Aptly dubbed, Group 1, we spent the evening in the resort bar getting to know each other and deciding who was sharing tents with who (there were us, another couple, twin sisters, two boys travelling alone, a pair of girls who were travelling together and a single girl, so there were four double tents and one triple, which seemed to suit everyone fine - we also got use of sleeping bags from the hostel).

The dorms at Hervey were a bit random - some were two storey buildings, with a balcony along the front, but we ended up in a sort of portacabin affair with another couple from another group. Still, as I've said before, it was a bed, and we weren't staying long. We also wouldn't be in that room when we got back, so crossed our fingers and hoped for a nicer setting!

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Hervey Bay
photo by: Mezmerized