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Group 1 at Wangoolba Creek (I'm the one in the Scotland rugby top with blonde hair)

After those of us (under 20s) who weren't allowed to drive stopped sulking (joking!) we set off from the Fraser Escape Hostel in convoy with the other two groups that were going at the same time as us, to the barge to take us cross the Great Sandy Straits, a 30 minute boat trip that landed us on Fraser at last.

A drive of just ten minutes from the dock had us in the rainforest. We had to stop at the island's Central station for a trek to Wanggoolba Creek and onto Basin Lake. Everyone went for a swim before heading back to the van, holding on for dear life and heading for Lake Mackenzie, where the water is perfectly clear, and the depth graduations show the water getting darker and darker blue in a spectacular fashion. we had lunch at the lake, then everyone piled in for a swim again, and I used the super-soft sand to give my feet a good rub down!

We collected firewood from a shelter near the toilets at the lake, filled our water bottles for the night and set off down the beach to camp for the night, about 2kms from the island's resort, Eurong.

We agreed some of us would cook one night, the rest the next and as we were on next night duty we took the chance to relax and watch the sunset. A truck from one of the other companies running trips was trying to do handbrake turns on the beach and quickly got stuck, so we drank our tinnies and boxed wine having a giggle watching the guys trying to dig themselves out.

One of the other groups from Fraser Escape was camping near us, and we all got together after dinner (and after burying leftover meat and food to stop the dingos smelling it and coming looking!) for a drink and a giggle, using the battery from our truck to power our lights and a stereo, which we'd been assured would be fine as long as we revved the engine every now and then...

AndiPerullo says:
Awesome blog! You made me even more excited to go to OZ and I didn't think that was possible. So, thanks darling.
Posted on: Oct 19, 2007
Devika1985 says:
great blog! You have been to some great places! Lucky you!
Posted on: Aug 29, 2007
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Group 1 at Wangoolba Creek (Im th…
Group 1 at Wangoolba Creek (I'm t…
Fraser Island
photo by: Ils1976