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Chitwan is known for Chitwan National Park, formally known as Royal Chitwan National Park. It's a big park where animals can be seen in there own environement. You have the opportunity to see Crocodiles, Elephants, Tigers, all kinds of birds, although non of that is sure, with an exception for the elephants, because they keep them apart, so you can ride their back true the jungle. I didn't do that, because of my respect to those animals. By that I don't mean that people taking the ride have no respect, it's my opinion for myself that I won't ride them.

We got to Chitwan after a rafting of 2 days on Trisuli river. It's an easy river for rafting, but it was fun. We spend the night on a beach, where our crew put some tents for us, and cokked us a delicious meal.

There was so much to eat and everything was magical prepared by the cook from the organisation. Amazing what they can do just with some would and a kettle on the beach. As I like to cook myself, I really want to learn how to do that. Basic cooking, but it tasted better as many dishes I ate that were prepared in a well equiped kitchen.

On the rafting the fun was fighting the little waves, getting wet, and trying to stay in the boat. Something we all managed, but a Dutch girl fell out of one of the other boats we passed, and I must say...she looked pretty messed up at first. I think it must be tough...falling out of the boat, in the middle of a semi-rough part of the water. Trying to keep your head up, watching out for rocks you might bump to. I wouldn't feel at ease myself.

After a few minutes, she was all well again, so that's what counts most.

Chitwan was hot, and walking in the free nature wasn't the same as walking in the mountains, to me. I must admit, my heart was still in the mountains, and joining my soulmate Tenzin, whome went back to Australia, after our meeting in Pokhara. As I said, I was still enjoying the feelings I had in the mountains, so I got to enjoy the moments, but I wasn't really in Chitwan with all of my sences, which doesn't mean I didn't experience anything over there. Taking a canoo drive over the water, between croco's and birds, gave me a special feeling. Because the boat was so low and you were so close to the water, it had something special to me. Not fear, more like excitement!

As I told you at the beginning, I din't take the elephant ride true the jungle.

In stead I took a walk with the man who guided us in the mountains...Bhim. He told me a lot about Hindouism, which was very interesting. Hearing people talk about it with all their heart, is much nicer to me as reading about it. It wasn't a story about Hindouism being the one and only was telling about the different gods, and what they did, and stand for. I must say...this Shiva was quiet a special creature. Bhim could tell about him like he knew him personallly as a house guest. In some ways, he might know him this well, as he's a Hindouist.

This walk and talk made my stay in Chitwan much richer as it would have been without it, and it even stimulated my interest for religions even more.

The last evening (of the three days) we went to see a show of local dancers, dences that were performed years and years ago in that part of the country. Again, also this was fascinating to me. The power, the difficulty, the joy on the dancers face and in their behaviour...that's what makes people rich I think.

As I wasn't too fond of visiting Chitwan at first, refering too much to the mountains in my mind, I must say it turned out to be a very special three days, but not really the Nature park on its own. More the things I saw, felt and experienced around there.

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photo by: sandra_s021