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Arriving in Kathmandu was the first time in my life that I had this feeling of "welcome home". I think it has to do with the country Nepal completely, but Kathmandu was the first city I saw, experienced, felt. The disorganasation at the airport, my luggage being missed, how people had to write down everything on paper, in stead of typing the forms on the computer...that was like coming home to me. Being overwelmed with people, trying to retrieve their luggage, asking what to do, where to go...the man behind the counter kept smiling all the time.

The luggage arrived 24 hours later, but I couldn't care. I didn't care about my luggage. At that moment I was to overwelmed with the joy, the atmosphere, the very intens feeling taking place inside me.

It was like a lot of the luxuary I used to go for, became kind of filth to me. Ok, I'm typing this on a computer, but a person reading my words the right way, will know what I mean, I think.

The first 24 hours I also visited the Boddnath Stupa. That was one of those magical moments in my life, that I can't explain why it was so magical. Being restless for most of my life, being there around the Stupa in the Tibetan Village, this feeling of inner peace, of joy, of intens happiness came over, under, beside and in me. That's what's magical to me.

At the end of my three week during trip in Nepal, I came back to Kathmandu, and some of the people I saw there the first two days of my visit, still remebered me. They even came up to me, before I even got the chance to see them. To me, that was a such a warm feeling. There were people from the shops that invited me in to have a drink, even a meal, without trying to sell me something.

The hospitallity really touched my heart in a special way, and I will never forget those beautiful, smiling, open, end generous people.

Thank you!!

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