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April Fool's Day!

And being turfed off the bus at Silifki at 6am I had a quick look around and realised that this is just a bit of a transport hub. I caught a dolmus to Kizkalesi and arrived at about 7.30, pretty knackered. I headed for the beach to stretch my legs and get my bearings, before looking for suitable digs. After the madness of the last couplke of weeks I found a nice quiet hotel on the beachfront. Balcony, sea-views and en suite for about 15 quid - a little pricey but I thought I deserved a little luxury. I spent the day relaxing, looking at the local ruins and reading Jon Snow's excellent book, of which more later. Had some fantastic spaghetti in a beach restaurant, eyed by a couple of Germans munching on their steak and chips and caught up on some news on the World Service (thanks James for what is turning out to be an invaluable radio).

The town is small and preparing for the holiday season - I reckoned that out of about 50 rooms in the hotel only 4 were taken, the rest by Germans. The German towel has been claerly thrown down on the Turkish Med coast (as opposed to the Aegean coast).

The town itself only takes around an hour to walk around, walking uip each street. A fantastic castle sits on an island perhaps 200 yards offshore, and more ruins lie to the east which I explored but found a little disppointing in comparison to others I have seen.

Come the evening I found some good food and then had a relaxing beer on the beach and ducked in for an early night with Jon Snow.

Jon Snow - Shooting History. This is a fantastic book and a must read for anyone with the slightest interest in foreign and diplomatic affairs over the last 30 years. His accounts are vivid and I have rarely found a book so difficult to put down. Accounts include the various Middle East crisies, Central American and African affairs and accounts of meetings with most of the major political players over the years.

I decided to move to Antakya on the Syrian border that evening, as Lonely Planet says there is plenty to see and I suspect that there will be a few ANZ's around, what with the festivities at Gallipoli not far away.

However, the next morning (Sunday) I decided to head in land to Cappadocia while I am in Turkey. Everyone raves about the place and I don't want to have (too many) regrets on my travels and I have plenty of time. Another 12 hours or so on the bus lie ahead.

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photo by: denisx