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We finally arrived in Antalya at around midday Saturday and, after a quick look round I decided to jump ship to Olympos, 1 1/2 hours in a dolmus west of Antalya, which reminded me of Blackpool but full of Germans and I wanted some peace and quiet after hectic Istanbul.
Olympos, in the shadow of Mt Olympos (still snow capped, I was told around 2360 m), is a wondeful spot and I chose Kadirs Top Tree House as my hostel. Its the original and, having scouted around the following day, definately the best. At around 8 pounds a night half board for a private room (with not needed electric blanket) it was very cheap also. With an Aussie and Kiwi (Mıke and Ben) behind the bar there was always a good atmosphere in the evening. Shortly after I arrıved they had the Merseyside derby on TV, but I wont go into that any further, especially as I watched it with a guy (Sean) who lived in Stoke Newington (2 miles from me in London) who was a Liverpoo (sic) fan and had arrived only an hour or so after me (we lost 3-1).
About ten mins walk away from the hostel are the ancient ruins of Olympos which were very pretty fascinating, and then 5 mins down to the beach. The first few days were spent exploring and recovering from my stay in Istanbul, along with plently of socialising. The first night I slept in a dorm in a tree house, but was offered a double room the following day for only a 5YTL surcharge and a jumped at the opportunity - a few good nights sleep would do me the power. I needed to be spot on for the main event!
Over the course of my stay several familiar faces appeared from Istanbul, including Roxy and Jorge, and Alex and his Aussie clan who had saved me at the Grand Bazaar.
On Wednesday 8 of us set off for the Chimera, an amazıng place where fire sprıngs from the ground. This was our vantage point for the solar eclipse. The weather was perfect, not a cloud ın the sky. It was pretty much on the central line of the eclipse so, unlike my experience in Devon in 1999, we had 3 and half minutes of totalality to view. This was one of the most incredıble thıngs I have seen in my life, sounds cheesey but very spiritual and we were all buzzing afterwards long into the night (it occured at around 1:50 pm). Needless to say a few beers were sunk that evening!
Other than that my time in Olympos was spent trekking and relaxing. The food and company were all good. Unfortunately the internet was rubbish. Booze was pretty free flowing and I only ended up spending around 20 quid a day all in.
However, all good things must come to an end and it was with a semi-heavy heart that I decided to leave. My time at Kadir's was fantastic, but I know that there are more good things to come and didn't want to become too settled, which is pretty much what had happended to Mike and Ben who are now in their 5th year there!
I did get some really good tips from another Kiwi, Andrew, who has done the whole Middle East several times. He advised to skip the next section of coast as it is all very touristy and head to Kizkalesi, so another overnight bus journey lies ahead. 
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photo by: moy18t