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I didn't think that I would go to the bother of adding Bahrain Airport to my blog, fairly uninspiring as it appeared and given the brevity of my stay - around 3 hours, as I waited for my connection to Mumbai.

However, I met a wonderful English girl of Indian descent returning from her first trip to her parents' homeland. At first she appeared to be the typical rich kid, working for Merryl Lynch, living in Regents Park. However, the enormity of the culture shock had clearly had a major impact on her, and I think that she found it a relief to talk to an "outsider" as it were from her normal social circle. She swore that her experiences would make a sea change in the direction of her life, although she was still a little concerned as to how this would be viewed from her friends back home. I really hope that she makes the effort to break away rather than fall back into easy street.

And now for a catch up on a couple of book reviews particularly relevant to Egypt:

Jacky Trevane: Fatwa - Living Under A Death Threat

The story of a young, somewhat naive, English girl who ends up marrying an Egyptian Moslem in Cairo. The story tells of her slkow realisation of the enormity of the situation that she finds herself in, and the massive change in values that is expected of her. This results in her various attempts to escape. A fascinating read, this autobiographical work is clearly not the work of a professional author, but this does not detract from the emotional roller-coaster ride.

Agatha Christie: Death Comes At The End

If you like who-dun-its then this may well be right up your street. The story is based on the banks of the Nile around 2,000 BC, but could equally be transposed anywhere anytime. I found it a little predictable, and had the ending figured fairly early on - but maybe this was more luck than judgement. Maybe I have seen too many Christie adaptations on TV!


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