Goodbye America!

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Goodbye America!

Sept. 4, 2007:  11am, Detroit International Airport


            Excitement, nervousness, anxiety;  These are just some of the many emotions that are consuming my mind right now as I wait another 2.5 hours for my flight to leave for New York City, and then to Dublin, Ireland. 

            What am I doing?  How will I survive one whole year alone and traveling in places very foreign to anything I’ve ever experienced?  So many of these anxiety induced questions are running through my brain, driving me crazy.  Get out of my head!

            I’ll be fine.  I’ll have the time of my life!  Stop worrying Cliff.  Look, I’m already talking to myself and I haven’t even left the USA yet.

            I said goodbye to a lot of people over the past few days.  My Mom’s birthday was yesterday and saying goodbye to her was harder than usual.  I suppose it’s the fact that I’m going on a crazy adventure like this where anything could happen.  A few tears were shed.  I won’t deny that.  It’s healthy though.  It cleans out the ducts I hear.

            I said goodbye to two of my best friends last night at my Dad’s house.  They came over to hang out with me one last time before I left.  I’ve known Aaron since 4th grade, and he’s got the vagabond/travel bug in him too.  He’s the one who recently went with me to Alaska and, if he dresses appropriately, is a splitting image of Captain Jack Sparrow from The Pirates of the Caribbean.  Danielle I’ve known since 11th grade, but didn’t get to know her well until a few years ago when we met at a mutual friends wedding in Boston.  There have been some breaks in our communication (since she lived in Michigan while I lived in Boston) since the wedding, but for the past year we’ve talked almost every other day if not more.  Since I’ve been back in Michigan we’ve hung out a lot.  Her, her daughter Isabella, and I went to my Dad’s cabin in Canada (blog coming soon) for three days.  She and Isabella helped my Mom and I paint my Mom’s house one day.  We grew closer over the past three weeks, and so it was a lot harder than usual saying goodbye to her. 

            My Dad drove me to the airport, and our goodbye did not consist of tears.  We are too manly for that! J

            The first place I’m staying in Ireland is at a community for disabled people with a live-in volunteer named Blair who I met off just a few days ago.  She’s supposed to meet me at 7am somewhere in Dublin.  I hope I can find the meeting place. 

            I won’t even start to talk about how much trouble I’ve had with my website.  Right now it’s not even loading.  Last night I couldn’t upload pictures.  I think a lot of my stress right now is from that website.  I am considering dropping it, and just forwarding people to my account.

            Goodbye friends and family.  It was nice being with you prior to my trip.  I will see you again (knock on wood).  Dublin, and the world, here I come!

Lonelytravelerwin says:
All the best Cliff. I am sure you will be fine and enjoy as much as you can. Take care!!
Posted on: Sep 04, 2007
bubblesmileychicken says:
good luck cliff, see you in korea. we can support each other though the next year, i leave in 10 days for my adventure and am scared as good luck mate and remember to have a guiness in irland, and get out into the irish country thats where the true irland is. x
Posted on: Sep 04, 2007
jaclynkiwi says:
You have nothing to worry about! Or soon you won't... it'll be awesome. Enjoy!
Posted on: Sep 04, 2007
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Goodbye America!
Goodbye America!
photo by: vulindlela