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Sept. 4, 2007:  Flight to Dublin, Ireland


            I’m on the Airbus to Dublin right now, courtesy of Aer Lingus.  We just passed Maine below us and are now going over Nova Scotia.  This is the farthest East I’ve ever been.  Now, THIS is the farthest East I’ve ever been.  Now, THIS is.  Ok, you get the point.  J

            Dublin is five hours in time from Detroit during non-Daylight Savings months.  When I land it will be 5am Dublin time, and the city will still be dark.  Maybe there will be a pub open?

            My feelings of anxiety and nervousness are breaking apart like the clouds we pass through.  Maybe it’s the Blink 182 I’m listening to.  Or maybe it’s the super friendly blonde Aer Lingus staff with their blue and green outfits.  Or maybe it's reading The New Testament.

They passed out cards for non-European Passport holders to fill out and give to the Irish officials when we land.  One of the questions is “Full address in Ireland”.  I hope they’re not sticklers on that one since I don’t have the address of any hostel or couchsurfer. 

So while I was waiting in the airport for the plane to board I left my laptop sitting somewhere and walked away for about five minutes.  I didn’t even realize I had put it down until I noticed I was only carrying my main bag with my small backpack on my back.  My heart was racing as I walked fast back to where I had set down my laptop.  Am I going to lose a very important gadget before even leaving America?  Well, since I’m writing this you know the answer to that question.  Fortunately it was still there.  That would have been a pretty big downer, you think?

The Airbus has a center aisle consisting of four seats and a side aisle on each side of the center with two seats each.  There are about 50 rows in the plane, and I’m in row 46 in the center.  There is no one else in the center aisle with me.  To the far left are two American girls (lower 20’s) going to Rome, taking pictures of their little wine bottles they bought for five Euros ($10!).  There are Europeans on the right side of me, reading, playing games, etc. 

I can smell dinner being prepared.  My stomach is growling like a crazed male grizzly in Alaska.  Feed me!

Ah, the sun is setting and the sky is beautiful.  A mixture of reds, indigos and violets are filling the inside of the plane.  Have a good night America.

hdichter says:
oh.... I hope the lack of an address didn't hurt you! I've now entered England two times in a row with just a friend's name and city, and, well, apparently now I'm a security risk and *must* have a real address to be allowed back in the country! hope that doesn't happen to you along the way!
Posted on: Sep 06, 2007
CrazyLisa says:
Yay have a great adventure. I'm glad you found your laptop!! Enjoy Dublin!
Posted on: Sep 05, 2007
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