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Seriously, I should have written about Ghent long time back, when the events and name of streets were still fresh in my memory. Plus, the last two months of beer drinking has started to show its side effects on my brain cells, manifesting itself in form of memory lapses of the magnitude I have not suffered from ever before.
Still I will give it my best shot. As always the journey from Leuven was straight forward. This is definitely one of the good aspects of Belgium; travel time is never more than a couple of hours. The reason for my heading off to Ghent was the Ghent festival.

I am not very sure if I am in a position to comment too much about the city of Ghent,  since I spent all my time at the festival.
There were some big squares where stages were ... really donot have any idea how those places look like now. Couple of things though: There is a very nice castle next to the canal. Didnt get a chance to see it from the inside but seemed pretty good from outside. And where there are canals there are boat rides. So yes, you can take a boat ride down the canal and appreciate the beauty of the place. There was also a dodgy looking market. Reminded me of similar places we find in India. I am not sure if that market is there always or was erected only during the festival period. Anyways if you go to Ghent and if its still there then you won't miss it.

And here's the cliche again: there are beautiful churches too. And remember to check out Vlasmar(k)t street; not very sure if this really is the name of the street and if it is usually as crowded and bustling as it was during the festival. Sorry for being so vague but I was there last month.

Well one point I would like to make, and I hope that I am able to emphasize on it enough; is that you should visit Ghent during the Ghent festival period. Yes the city in itself is beautiful and surely you will like it, but you have absolutely no idea how much fun you will be missing out on, in case you don't follow my advice.

Check the next blog for something on Belgian beaches ... yes there is one that I know of in Belgium :)

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photo by: Chokk