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Chateau at Falaen
This all started when I decided to go for the beer truck festival in Romedenne. Since I was heading off to Wallonia, I decided to see as many places as possible. So after a bit of googling I came up with the Falaen, Soulme, Crupet and Celles. These villages are amongst the most beautiful villages in Wallonia. Trains from Leuven run only till Dinant. After that it is biking, driving, walking or hitchhiking to your destination. I decided to bike and took my cycle along.

My plans were to cover Falaen, Soulme and the beer festival in Romedenne on Day 1 and see Dinant, Crupet and Celles on Day 2.
The first three are on the western side of Dinant whereas Crupet and Celles are on the eastern side.

Now when I look back at the trip, I feel really proud of myself. Firstly, I was able to bike around for 60 kms on day 1 and another 30 km on day 2. Seems like my last 6 months in the gym finally paid off :). Secondly I managed to cycle back from Romedenne to Dinant in a completely inebirated state without any accidents that I can think of. The weather during these two days was superb, unlike what it has been since I have arrived in Belgium.

Before I start with the details of my trip I would like to share my experience on language in Wallonia. Knowing french can be a big asset in Wallonia. Very few people speak english. It can be very difficult to communicate with others if your french is as dimished as mine (I know only 2 french words) and on a bad day all the people you may run into to ask for directions may only speak french.

Back to the trip... I took the train from Leuven to Dinant. FYI, you can take your bikes on the train by paying extra 7.4€ for a round trip. If you travel on weekend, then go for the weekend ticket it is at half rates. More information can be found on

Falaen is around 13 kms from Dinant. On bike the route is bit tough but managable. The chief attraction are the ruins of Montaigle. They are around 3 kms outside of the village of Falaen but are definitely worth the extra distance.

The next stop was Soulme. It is 13 kms from Falaen. Old rubble stone / white limestone houses is what  characterized this place. The approach road is flagged but nice countryside. Both Falaen and Soulme were nice small villages, though desolate.

The final destination was Romedenne. This is the fourth time that the beer truck festival is being organized here.
Beer truck museum mascot
Romedenne has a unique beer truck museum with vintage beer trucks. The museum also had a nice collection of  beer poster advertisements from early 20th century.  The event was a small scale, but cheerful crowd and good music definitely made it memorable. There were 5 beers on the show: Scotch, Caracole,Kriek Boon, Ch'it and Schwendi. Frankly I have never heard of these brands before. Maybe that's what fired me all up. And I should say that for 7 - 8 % they were exceptionally smooth tasting. I have tried Guiness (Irish version) before, I can now say that it is not the end of the world. There was a student's union group from a college in West Flanders, who made the event more interesting. Atleast there were some people to talk with in English :)

After trying each and every brand to my full satisfaction it was time to head back to Leuven. I am still not sure how I managed to cycle back 23 kms from Romdenne to Dinant, but I did it.  By the time I reach Dinant I was more of less sober again.

I noticed that there were no reviews or blogs covering these villages. I hope the information here may be of some help. They are pretty nice places to visit. But I wouldnot recommend you to head off to Dinant just to see them. These villages should serve more as a detour incase you plan to visit Dinant.

Day 1 was an excellent experience for me. When I hit the sack back home I was tired yet happy. Info on Day 2 in the next blog.



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Chateau at Falaen
Chateau at Falaen
Beer truck museum mascot
Beer truck museum mascot
photo by: Vikram