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Flying West to East across the Pacific you cross the international date line so lose a day. So even after an 11 hour flight we arrive in Bueno Aires 3 hours before we leave Auckland.  Not bad going, but time travel still gives me jet lag.

Aerolineas Argentina is not the world's best airline, but it is safe.  The price to Bueno Aires sold it to us but we expect the flight to be delayed.  We were not surprised but still a little worried when the customs lady at Auckand tells us that the Tuesday Aerolineas flight is yet to leave (it's now Thursday!) Sure enough there is another flight also checking in which leaves an hour ahead of ours, but our flight makes it away only an hour late and is comfortable enough and we make up time on route so arrive almost on time.

Bueno Aires customs formalities are easy enough despite and no issue with travelling on British passports.  We have heard of recent sabre rattling and some tension between Britain and Argentina due to the 30 year anniversary of the Falklands War but nothing seems apparent here.  We have plenty of time to reach our accommodation in the San Telmo area of Bueno Aires so opt to catch the local bus from the airport.  This sounds like a good decision as the bus is only 2 pesos per person and will take us all the way to San Telmo.  The fast bus is 70 pesos pp and will drop us at the north end of the central district so we would then need to take the metro or taxi to the hotel.  We find an ATM and the bus stop easily enough, but it is a struggle to find anywhere prepared to provide change in coins, which is what you need to buy a local bus ticket.  After a few unsuccessful attempts Julie manages to persuade the pharmacy to hand over 8 peso in coins and soon we take our seats on the bus for the ride into the city.  An hour and a half later the bus is still griding its way through the traffic and by now we are not 100% sure where we are, so we bail out and flag down a taxi for what turns out to be a couple of Kms. 

The hostel is expecting us and though the room isn't anything special the area looks good and there are four restuarants in the square right outside.  Reception books us a 7am taxi to the airport (actually the same terminal where we have just arrived)  for our flight to Tierra del Fuego tomorrow, and we walk 50m to a bar for a drink and snack before the jet lag hits us and we need to crash out .  Bueno Aires seems like a great place and we will be back for a longer stay once we have been down south. 

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