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I love the hot towels!!

My first overseas travelling experience was so amazing! Let me start from the beginning. My partners in crime were Giang, Chris, Christine, Jimmy, and my boyfriend Minh. We bought our tickets through Singapore Airlines for only $674. I was very impressed with all of the food we got and the entertainment they offered. We got a pretty good selection of movies to choose from including foreign films. I, of course had to watch a korean film. I love films that can make me cry so I chose to watch "Sad Story" and boy, was it SAD. It definitely had me bawling at the end. Those koreans sure know how to make sad movies! The flight attendants were very polite and friendly. Another cool thing about Singapore Airlines is they hand out hot towels to wipe your face before and at the end of the flight.

Sad Story was very sad
It's very refreshing! We also got free socks and toothbrushes with little tubes of toothpaste. I love free amenities!

Even though I probably should have slept more on the flight, I ended up watching a few more movies (all of which I couldn't finish because they were so bad ie. Elizabethtown and a few other foreign films) and playing the games they had. They had a few interactive games you could play with other passengers. I challenged Minh to a round of mini-golf and won but he "claimed" he got nauseous and was getting a headache. Minh always plays the motion sickness card!

Before I knew it, we had landed at Narita Airport! We filed off of the airplane and went through Customs which was not as painful as I thought it would be.

Yummy food on the airplane. That's a first!
After that, we picked up our luggage and went to get our train pass validated. We barely made it before it closed! Luckily the people working there spoke english so we asked them for the best way to get to Taito to visit our friend Phuc. She thought we meant Tokyo, as in who in the world flies to Japan and goes to Taito! But we confirmed that yes, we were going to Taito and she gave us directions. We went down to our first subway station where we saw one of many vending machines we would see during that trip.

After an uneventful ride, we arrived at Taito. Luckily, Phuc told us that his apartment is right across the street from the train station. As we stepped out, we heard someone calling us.

Giang and Jimmy waiting for their luggage
Sure enough it was Phuc! We climbed up his apartment steps and entered his humble abode which was really quite nice for a single person. After we dropped off our luggage we squished into Phuc's friend's car that he borrowed. The roads in Japan are soooo tiny! It was scary, but we made it to this surfer type restaurant Phuc recommended. We tried a bunch of different types of spaghettis, some fried chicken, and a salmon salad which was sooo tasty! Thanks to Phuc for treating us! We were supposed to go to a bar afterwards but we were all so tired and plus we had an early start the next morning so we decided to head back and go to sleep.

Phuc set up beds for us and we all crashed on his floor. It was actually quite comfy. Since Phuc only had 1 bathroom we split up shower time. Giang, Christine, and Jimmy took showers that night. I was so tired I crashed immediately. The last thing I remember hearing was Minh who was about to use the bathroom after Phuc did #2 and saying how it stank so bad he might as well piss outside. HAHHA.

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I love the hot towels!!
I love the hot towels!!
Sad Story was very sad
Sad Story was very sad
Yummy food on the airplane. Thats…
Yummy food on the airplane. That'…
Giang and Jimmy waiting for their …
Giang and Jimmy waiting for their…
Our first train!
Our first train!
First vending machine
First vending machine
Some cool treat made out of cherry…
Some cool treat made out of cherr…
Minh checking his email on Phucs …
Minh checking his email on Phuc's…
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