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We set off early this morning for the boat to sail around the Islas del Rosario. They comprose about 33 islands, of which we are not too sure how many we went past and our limited Spanish also meant we had no idea what was happening most of the time anyway!

The trip left (finally) at about 9am, after being told to be there by 7:45am. It was at least 2 hours before we reached the aquarium where we bought tickets. Pretty disappointing for both of us, it cost about $12,000 each which is about $8 NZD, and there wasn´t a whole lot to see, especially if you have been to Seaworld or a similar aquarium before. Nathan didn´t like the fact they had turtles in a small pen and with no rocks or anything, just had them able to swim in the water and that´s it. The dolphins and other fish were OK, but nothing too flash and the pens were pretty small aswell.

Playa Blanca

We then got back on the boat headed towards Playa Blanca which took another hour and we saw flying fish on the way, looked really amazing! They can go really far.

Playa Blanca is quite beautiful, it is actually how we imagined Tayrona to be but wasn´t and hence our disappointment when we reached the National Park. I would suggest anyone going this way to skip Tayrona and head to Playa Blanca instead. The only annoying thing about Playa Blanca are the very insistant sales people, who no matter how many times you say no will keep coming back to you, or pushing necklaces in your face. One guy was even going up and down the beach trying to sell a prawn! It was pretty funny. Others were trying to sell shells off the beach, and even coconuts (there are actually coconut palms lining the area, so you would think it would be pretty easy to collect them yourself)! Ladies offered pathetic attempts at massages and more, got on our wick a lot to be honest.

Other than that, and the amount of people it is a beautiful spot nonetheless.

We ended up enjoying the day, but we decided that anywhere you had only spent a few hours at and takes longer in total to return from isn´t worth it. We did enjoy the us time though in the end, but we really couldn´t wait to get back. We also think we are climatising. We were cold and we found out it was still about 32C! Crazy! What is happening to us!? We are off to Ecuador soon and it will be colder due to the altitude, so hopefully we won´t freeze now.

We arrived back at the port at about 5:30pm and headed straight for the grocery store to grab some bread to make sammies for the night bus tonight. We had been told that the selling price from Cartagena to Medellin was $90,000 COP which is really, really high! Others said that they got it for about $55,000 COP but they have really good Spanish. We ended up paying $60,000 COP each so wasn´t too bad (and it was leaving that very second) and that was only due to us making sure when told the price we reacted accordingly haha!  

RainyDayToast says:
It was awesome, pretty relaxed! Loved Colombia in general!
Posted on: Mar 02, 2010
David says:
I'm heading to Cartagena next month, definitely will check out Playa Blanca.
Posted on: Mar 01, 2010
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Playa Blanca
Playa Blanca
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Tan lines!
Nathan was making me laugh by pret…
Nathan was making me laugh by pre…
Playa Blanca near Cartagena, in C…
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