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We had an overnight bus from Loja (near Vilcabamba) to Puira in Peru. Our tickets were only to Macara which is a town just before the border. We were searched by the police  at about 2am which was pretty annoying. We were mostly sleeping. They took all our details down for god knows what reason and we headed on again. On reaching Macara it was lucky we could go staright through because as we approached Macara it was dead (although it was about 3.30am) and pretty unattractive to say the least. Reaching the border was easy as. We hopped off the bus, got our exit stamps, walked over the bridge and got our entry stamps and filled out out tourist cards. Then a policeman ushed us over to them across the road where we gave our details to them (again, have no idea why). One of them was really friendly, reminded me of one of those big softies, he was near-giant size and looked more army though.

.. Oh and rubbish.
I got back on the bus and he came up behind me as he had been searching it (and I was one of 2 people on there) and put his hand on my shoulder and said ´Hola, bien!?´ (Hello, all good?) with a big smile on his face. Gave me a bloody fright though. He had also tapped Nathan on the shoulder and repeated ´Bien, bien!´ as we had been at their post because he must have realised we had no idea why we were there, although all foriegners had to go see them before they got back on the bus (no Ecuadorians had to see them, so we take it it is all those with passports)!

We got into Piura and were straight on another bus to Chiclayo. It was pretty nice, a double decked one and we had wished we had chosen the seats right at the front for the best view.

Nathan snoozing in Chiclayo after our big bus haul!
But nevermind, we soon got sick of the view which only consisted of desert and then rubbish in the desert, and then more desert! It seems people from around here use the desert as their rubbish tip, as there were actually tip trucks dumping it all there. They don´t even seem to cover it. It´s pretty sad to see actually.

We got into Chiclayo which is a pretty unattractive town (no matter what the guidebook says, or fails to mention). It´s dusty and nothing worth mentioning apart for a nice plaza. We tried to find a tour for the next day to Sipan and Tucume, but they wanted too much as all that was included was a guide and transport and you still had to pay for entry fees. What idiots fall for this... it is dead easy to get transport out there and you can hire guides at site. Sadly though, we found out the next day that the sites were actually closed (again, no idea why) for that day and possibly the next day. I was pretty upset, I really wanted to see it but we were both so sick of the town itself (and lack of nothing at all to do) that we decided to move on to Trujillo which is another 3.5 hours away.

Needless to say, we did nothing in Chiclayo in the end. Nevermind, is on our list for when we come back to Peru one day!

Yuliana151 says:
Well next time you visit Chiclayo, write me and I'll show you its nice side.
Posted on: Aug 09, 2008
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.. Oh and rubbish.
.. Oh and rubbish.
Nathan snoozing in Chiclayo after …
Nathan snoozing in Chiclayo after…
and more desert!
and more desert!
photo by: lorevar