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We arrived in Salta on the night of the 18th. Our guidebook (trusty Footprints) says the bus ride from San Pedro de Atacama to Salta is breathtaking. We both agreed that whoever thought this also thinks watching paint dry is exciting. Okay, so it wasn´t THAT bad, but it wasn´t thrilling either. I think ¨breathtaking¨ means you are peering out from your seat in ore and amazement of the scenery around you. The only time any of us did this was in the last few hours (by the way, the bus ride was 12 hours in total) when we were driving through multi-coloured mountains. Although even that got boring after a while, but we got to see the famous multi-coloured mountain of 7 colours and it was pretty amazing.

It sticks out like a sore thumb, but unfortunely no photos of it so will have to flog some off flickr or the like.

Once we got into Salta it was pretty easy to find a place to stay as there were a few touts around. We were whisked to our hostel called ´Exxes´ and immediately on walking in the door met Kuzco, one of the 3 owners of the place. He was so friendly it knocked us off our feet and he then dragged us over to the table where the rest of the gringos were feasting on the meanest BBQ we have had since leaving home (and better you and me, I think it´s the best BBQ I´ve ever had in my life). 

Everyone who told us steak from Argentina is the best in the world, I agree and bow down to you. You were spot on. I know that we come from New Zealand and we all boast about our exported meat and dairy, but obviously we all haven´t sunk our teeth into a steak from Argentina.

 I usually avoid beef just because it does nothing for my taste buds, but the steak from these parts.... well,.... I´ve been waiting for it all my life (and really, you must admit when your mother char-grills the family´s steak until it´s smoking black who can blame me for never really liking it)!

Yesterday we got up and had a look around the city. It´s so beautiful, reminds us of Christchurch. We went to the main plaza which was stunning and then up on the cable car (or as we Kiwis call a gondola) for a view of the city. It was pretty small considering the population is suppose to be 500,000 whereas Christchuirch is about 30,000 and is twice as big in size.

Today we went to a museum, it was very interesting and showed artifacts found from the excavation on one of the mountains in the Salta region. Also on display were one of the three mummified children found at about 5,700m on Llullaillaco. It was unbelievable how preserved they were. They were sacrificed to the Gods (for good harvests etc). Unfortunely we couldn´t take any photos though put did manage to find one online of the girl we saw (she was about 15 years old).

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photo by: wvijvers