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We did expect to leave for Uruguay today but woke up and decided sleep sounded so much better.

We went to the offices where the ferry leaves to buy a ticket but we would have to wait forever until we got served and a guy told us to do it online anyway. Shame that the only ferry available is at midnight tomorrow! So, looking at booking with another company and if that fails it looks like we are off to the falls earlier than we first thought.

We went to some markets today and had a general look around the place. We went down a street near the Retiro bus station. It would have to be the most frightening street we have ever been down. There were homeless people (including teens) sleeping and sitting on the pavement, people collecting rubbish (as they recycle here and get paid for it), burning big bins of rubbish, glass all over the ground etc. We thought it was dodgey enough anyway and then a family started screaming at us as we passed their house (if you could call it that), trying to explain in Spanish that it was dangerous, and we would be robbed and they would take our clothes. They were very concerned and told us to hurry and turn around. So of course, we did. I was pretty nervous about turning around anyway because there were still homeless people looking at us and they looked so dodgey. Soon enough though we were back at the main street - a sign of relief!!!

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