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Patti and Oscar

Fallon - Day Two

Today was much the same as yesterday although Platon (monkey from ´Hell´ tried to grab at me and then scratched me.

Nothing much else to report so here is my routine for the day -

7.30am - Start work and give all the monkeys bananas for breakfast. We then take soe of them (in smaller cages) out on cords and they all have their set places for the day and can play. We then collect all ´ropa´ which is pretty much a small blanket and clean up after breakfast. They then get given ´API´ which is a warm milky oat like drink which they love. We all get about a 30min breakfast break proceed to clean all the cages, sweeping and using the hose on the larger cages, and throwing buckets of water and scrubbing the smaller ones.

10.30am - We give them a snack of dried corn and 2 of us wash the ropa.

We pretty much wash them in water and then scrub them using a bruch and soap, rinse them and then hang to dry.

11.30am - We prepare lunch which is a mixture of fruit (pineapple, papaya and banana).

12 noon - Serve lunch, they all have a bowl.

12.30pm - First set of volunteers have their lunch (1.5hrs)

2pm - Second set of volunteers have lunch, and give monkeys corn snack.

3pm - Clean up after monkeys lunch which involved picking up left-over scraps and also their waste, hosing down cages etc.

4.30pm - Collect API and food for dinner and prepare. Monkeys get a mix of vegetables (bean pods, tomotoe, cucumber, lettuce, potatoe, grass stuff... anything that is over there really).

5pm - Serve dinner and collect babies milk.

5.30am - Give API and clean up after dinner (only oick up scraps, no washing down with water). Put ropa in cages.

5.45pm - Put corded monkeys in their cages and draw curtains on all cages.

6pm - Take empty API bottles over the road to food storage area. Finished (hopefully...... but not always)!

Nathan - Day Two

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Patti and Oscar
Patti and Oscar
Villa Tunari
photo by: RainyDayToast