Day Six

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Fallon - Day 6

We were introduced to ´Nacho´today who was put in with another monkey in one of the larger cages in ´Heaven´. Such a cute monkey.

We have a large avocado tree in quarantine and everyday at least one drops. I´ve been giving it to Jorgita, I feel sorry for her because they are right in the far corner and easily forgotten. She just paces back and forth all day in her cage, but loves to smash and make a huge mess with avocado and at least it interests her for a little bit. Jorgita was used as a pick pocket in squares and markets so she loves to have a good dig in your pocket if you go close enough to her. I stick dried corn pieces in there and she amuses herself for a short period of time until going back to her pacing.

She isn´t used to other monkeys at all, and she had to be removed from a larger cage as she plucked the fur from her cage-mate´s back. Memono´s entire back is bare at the moment.

Junaita also escaped today, I was so down about it. I went to sit with her and Tina and noticed a chewed cord on the ground and her karabiner and she was gone. She is such an escape artist.

I had to put Gabriota out today, she is a larger monkey and hates men so either Krystel or myself have to do it. Kystel was bitten rather badly by her tyhe day before so I had to do it. She was fine, she can just be stubborn and get really aggressive really quickly if you pull her cord or anything so we just leave her alone all day. She wouldn´t come in either so we didn´t get away until 6.

30pm tonight.

We rushed home as we had to shower and go into town to buy some stuff for the party tonight. It was a party to raise funds for 2 puma´s cages - Millie and Maggie. It was an ´M´party so Nathan went as a metrosecual male and I was a mythical creature. It was a lot of fun (apart from my ankle which has now gotten really bad and I´m limping alot... looking like a complete idiot)! I won the egg and spoon race (with the help of Nathan) and we also bought 2 slaves with Meghan. Wicked night, best we have had since we have been travelling so far and I guess the photos will tell all! Lots of vodka, rum and tequila was had by all! We didn´t get back to the house until 3am and had to be up by 7am the next day...!! Ouch!

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Villa Tunari
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