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Taken about one week after I fell in. Looks so much worse than the photo though I promise!!

We arrived in Cusco and straight away as we were putting our bags into the taxi someone (yes... me) walke over a drain cover and one leg went straight through and was stuck. Jesus, talk about painful. Of course, you aren´t suppose to full straight through but someone I managed to and had the taxi driver, Nathan plus some random people come rushing to my aid. I must say I was a little scared that I wouldn´t be able to get it out and I was too scared to let anyone help me because it was stuck pretty good. I got out with the help of Nathan and now have a generous green, yellow and purple bruise all up one leg. So... that was our welcome to Cusco!!

As we had arrived on an overnight bus we slept for a bit before heading out to ´The Real McCoy´, a resturant owned by a Brit couple and serving up food from home! Let´s just say Nathan was in pure heaven.

The stupid drain cover which you shouldn´t be able to fall thru!

We wondered around before heading into some tour agency´s to arrange a city tour which included the ruins around the city and a Sacred Valley tour. We pretty much did nothing else but stare in awe at this gorgeous city. It was seriously amazing. Some of the cobblestone streets are just so cute, reminds me of postacards from France. Some of the stone walls are actually from Inca times, easily recognised from the way in which they are put together as the Incas did not use any material for putting the walls together. Instead they cut them and fit them together like a jigsaw puzzle.

This city is amazing. The most beautiful city we have so far visited by far.

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Taken about one week after I fell …
Taken about one week after I fell…
The stupid drain cover which you s…
The stupid drain cover which you …
photo by: Vlindeke