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So we were packed and ready to go with the bare minimum that we would need. We were told by some Poms we had met in San Gil to only bring one change of clothes for the day because they would get wet anyway and at times the trail was gruelling so the less to carry the better. We took their advice and looking back we probably good have bought another t-shirt at least in the end, but all worked out!


Typical to South American time, we were told to be ready at 9am, but weren´t picked up until 10am. The ride there was an adventure in itself to say the least! We went into Santa Marta where we picked up some of the others who we would be travelling with for the next 6 days.

Among them were us 2 Kiwis, another Kiwi and her Swedish partner, 2 Poms, 1 Romanian, 1 Spanard, 1 Australian, 1 American, 1 French (Frenchy AKA Thomas) and 2 Israilis.

The heat here is intense. It is 36C by 10am and we had to wait for god knows what before we got into the ¨fun bus¨ - a wide, colourful Land Cruiser. We had to stop twice to fill the small tank up, and then we heard this ¨Sssssssssssssssss¨as one of the tyre´s went down and we had to stop to change the tyre. Once this was done, we got a bit down the road until we had to stop for wht I think was the tyre to be repaired while we all got a fresh juice. It was about 12 noon I think by then, and we had only gone about 35km so far! We were told ¨Vamos!¨ and off we went.

The ride got us sweating a bit. Think a muddy 4WD track and you are sitting in this wide vehicle so lots of tilting going on and there was a cliff and a wall.

Praying for our lives we eventually got into a small town at about 2pm. Had some lunch and then we set off just as it started to drizzle a bit (much to everyone´s delight as it was so hot)! Today was a killer. That and I was bitten to hell by fire ants. These little buggers hurt. I was just waiting for everyone to pass so I could go the toilet and then had this sharp pains up my leg, looked down and my boot and leg were covered in these little bastards! 

Today had a lot of steep areas of muddy clay, passing farms and cows. Really beautiful though. Today took about 4hrs until we reached our camp where we had a delicious dinner and hit the sack in our hammocks.


Awoke after a suprisingly good sleep, today was pretty good, lots of mud. Passed many indigenous villages.

Although didn´t see a lot of the people as apparently there was a meeting going on. Did see a small child and her mother. They wear lots of beads usually and a white, cream dress with long hair.

Once we got to our second camp it started to rain and Wilson (our guide) told us to have a swim in the river now as it will rise soon. And rise it did! Couldn´t believe it actually, it was pretty rough, and the vegetation on either side of the river got a pounding.


Finally, today we would get to the Lost City of the Tayrona´s! We had seen a lot of the indigenous people that live here, but not many photos of them as we thought it was a bit rude to keep photographing them, not that they seem to mind but don´t want to turn them into some side attraction either.

Have given out some lollipops we had bought to the kids and they defintely seem to know what they are!

Today was one of the worst days in regards to terrain. We first had to climb around near the river which had gone down since last night but lots of wee slips and having to clamber over slippery rocks which we could´ve easily slipped into if we had no help from the guides! We also had to all get into a cableway one at a time to cross the river. Pretty freaky! We were starved by the time we got to one of the river crossings and has some lunch. We could spy the start of the steps to the Lost City and were all pretty exciting. Wilson swam to the other side and set up a rope so we could hold it. And of course, someone had to have a wee swim and while I was going across (Fallon) my foot slipped over one of the damn rocks and I ended up holding on for dear life while our guide Wilson apparently in panis according to Nathan looked at him to get over there to get me on my feet.

It was a nice swim anyway! The river was pretty damn swift thats for sure! Got to the steps and the were a killer! Slippery, damp, mossy and pretty narrow and steep (the Tayrona´s must have been very small people)! Finally made it up to the Lost City and it was pretty cool. Just as I had expected from seeing lots of photos. It is a small area, but as Wilson explained, what is cleared is only 30% of the actual area, with stone steps joining other circles and several trails even leading to the beach. They can not clear these as the indigenous people do not want to attract grave robbers as this had happened with the area we had seen when it was cleared, as the Tayrona´s buried their relatives underneath their houses with gold and other artifacts (which we had seen at the Museo de Oro in Bogota).
They do not want the gold and artifacts to be removed as they see this as a person and it should not be touched.

How wonderful though to think of the actual massive size of the ruins and all that gold in the ground! Amazing!

That night we also got to see a scorpian which Wilson found in one of the toilets. Scarey! Didn´t even know they had them in the rainforest!


This was pretty much the same as the first 2 days as we came back the same way. Saw a lot more indigenous people this time, they all seem to be curious of us and all have tiny dogs! The forth day also saw a LOT of rain, where the trail turned into a small river which was pretty cool.

Back at Casa de Felipe for 2 nights now before we head off to Tayrona National Park.

Lasttraveller says:
looks cool I think i will do this trek, santa marta does look boring though
Posted on: Dec 16, 2009
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