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Got up early today, I think we are making some progress! At least one of us is, the other had to be dragged out of bed because they were ¨tired¨!

Went to the museum first which had some interesting displays explaining the different civilisations and how they came to be. For example, it wasn´t until 1600 BC when religion become important and temples were therefore built close to settlements. This is when priests and occupations such as carpenters came about. Also, the use of pottery. It was quite interesting.

We caught a taxi to the actual ruins which isn´t that far away but apparently there have been thefts on the road so we didn´t want to take any chances with our stuff. The site was littered with school groups. Lucky us! It actually made it a little more interesting as they try and practice their English.

Nearly every kid says hello, asks to get their photo taken with you (why??).

The ruins themselves were quite interesting, too much to write here though. The city was huge, and apparently some of the site which is the most facinating is closed to the public which is a bit of a shame. It was interesting though trying to figure out what this huge city must have looked like back in it´s time. It would have been amazing. Hopefully one day they built a small section of it at life-size scale. And again, more photos. I was further away from Nathan and he was then bombarded with a few groups of school girls wanting their photo taken with him. It was so funny, Nathan looked petrified!! It was pretty funny to watch though, and one of the teachers said to me ¨Many photos! (It) make them happy¨.

Hilarious! After the first photoshoot of the day I said to him ¨Imagine what it would be like if you were actually famous¨. His reply was ¨I know, I´d hate to be famous, famous¨. I had to laugh, I think the fame has gone to his head already!!

We then caught a taxi to what the locals call the Rainbow Temple. It is off a main road, but near a neighbourhood and makes it look really strange. It was defintely worth going to however as it has very well preserved markings on it´s walls. This is where Nathan´s second group photoshoot took place, even with their teacher in the background telling them to ¨vamos!¨ (hurry up). ¨I wonder if they actually think I´m some famous person?¨ We did laugh though as we started thinking about the conversations between their friends as they compared how many gringo photos they had.

We got back at 3pm and have just been milling around. We have one more day here until we leave. We haven´t yet decided on Lima or Ica as yet. We will buy our tickets tomorrow for that night so will have to make some sort of decision very quickly I guess! We are both really looking forward to the south of Peru. We´ve decided not to go back up to Chiclayop to see Sipan and Tucume. There is always another time!

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photo by: Paulovic