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Internet time at the Casa Viena

Well it sweltered to 36C today, and we had thought Cartagena was suppose to be a bit cooler than Santa Marta! Nevermind, we got to add another shade to our ever growing tans nonetheless.

We got up early to get into the showers - oh the joys of living from hostel to hostel and how spolied we were in Casa de Felipe having our own shower and now having to go back to sharing! Nevermind, we soon got over the lack of water coming out of the shower as someone next door brushed their teeth! It´s so hot that as soon as you get out of the refreshing coldness of the shower, you start to uncontrollably sweat. Not the nicest feeling in the world, but one we are both trying to get used to.

Today we decided to walk to Bocagrande, a more exclusive area of Cartagena which has a nice beach and hotels such as the Hilton.

It was a hot walk, although not that far and we were pretty annoyed we didn´t think to bring our togs and towel as the water looked pretty inviting in the sweltering heat. Lots of older or more larger and obviously wealthier Colombians adorned the beaches. We had had no breakfast at this stage as nothing seemed to be open (it´s a Sunday today), and Nathan spied a bus board advertising McDonalds and got pretty excited. So excited, he hailed down a local and asked where it was, so off we went to find Maccas. Most of the menu was in English anyway and we ordered the homely usual of McMuffin Combos and then a McFlurry. Oh McFlurry´s, why oh why did New Zealand discontinue them?!

We then basically walked back to the historical area of Cartagena to the shops which are housed in historical dungeons.

Nothing really took our fancy, and most we thought were overpriced anyway. Out of all the shops only about 2 had different artifacts in them than the rest, so once you´ve seen the first you have pretty much seen them all! So, a pretty uneventful day but it was a nice relaxing one. We walked through the streets, got some groceries and got a taxi ride back. The taxi ride was such a rip off, we only ended up going around the corner (we thought we were further away from the hostel) and cost us $5,000 pesos!

Gringo Info:

Scams and Ripoffs

Cigars: Don´t buy from street vendors. They are fakes. Ask at your hostel for a genuine store ad buy from here only.

Money Changers: They will approach you, but never, ever change money with these people.

Sitting where the canyons were. Some canyons are still situated in different parts of thr wall.
Not only will they give you a very poor rate, but there are a lot of fakes out there and it isn´t worth it.

Vendors: There are a lot of annoying vendors who will come up to you trying to sell trips. Try to buy through your hostel or hotel first. Also, there are people that come up to you trying to shake your hand and saying ¨Hello my friend!¨ beware of these people and just ignore them. More than likely they are trying to sell you drugs.


Cartagena is Colombia´s top tourist destination so expect prices to be higher here than anywhere else.

Sunday´s mean little is open whatsoever (even for the city with over 1 million people)! Book a tour instead if you find yourself here on a Sunday otherwise chill at the beach for the day.

Shirlene_McMillan says:
Always look forward to reading up on your adventures. Sounds like its as great as you expected it to be. Take care and travel safely.
Posted on: Sep 24, 2007
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Internet time at the Casa Viena
Internet time at the Casa Viena
Sitting where the canyons were. So…
Sitting where the canyons were. S…
See Mum, is this not a wall or wha…
See Mum, is this not a wall or wh…
Have no idea, but they´re cool.
Have no idea, but they´re cool.
The square where they sold slaves …
The square where they sold slaves…
Nathan recovering from the heat.
Nathan recovering from the heat.
photo by: vulindlela