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So, the adventure is about to unravel! A bit scared/nervous this morning. I think it's because we are going to Colombia first and well Bogota is considered "extreme high risk" so this will be interesting that's for sure! Although, from what I can gather it's mellowed down considerably so I am trying not to be too nervous about it all. Once we get on the plane it will be fine, it's just saying goodbye to people which is the hardest. Funny how you can be super excited going on a 2 week holiday and to-the-point-you-feel-sick-nervous because you're leaving on a bigger more exciting 4.5 months adventure!

The following is more for those who want advice on travelling, rather than friends and family as we found it really helpful to see what other people took with them on their travels so we hope it's helpful!

Things we wish won't happen to us:

  • Not mugged
  • Not mugged
  • Not mugged
  • Oh, and the locals can understand out poor Spanish

Insurance: World Nomads ; I have read lots of people have good things to say about them, and lots of people have bad things to say about them. We were going to go with Columbis Direct but after searching I didn't find much feedback at all on them. Lonely Planet also suggests World Nomads, so what the hell! Also, a lot of the negative feedback for World Nomads were for things like not being able to extend their insurance as they had been using the medical claims for the last 6 months and then not supplying the right proof of ownership etc etc. So if we do make a claim we will let you know and see how we get on. Fingers crossed we don't need to though. And for $600NZD for 5 months we couldn't really go wrong. No other insurance we found covered for things such as govenment-related issues or terrorists/war anyway yet was $200NZD more expensive, the only down side is they don't cover money because they can not prove you even had that amount you're claiming for - which I personally think is fair enough (and most you can only claim $250 with a $100 excess anyway!)

Guidebook: Footprints South America, Lonely Planet Phrasebooks in Latin Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

Fallon's Clothing Packing List:

  • x6 knickers
  • x2 bras
  • x3 socks
  • x1 hiking/walking shoes
  • x1 flip flops 
  • x1 micro-fleece top
  • x2 thermal tops
  • x1 thermal leggings
  • x3 loose t-shirts/tank tops
  • x1 long sleeve tops (stops mozzies!)
  • x1 long pants
  • x1 shorts
  • x1 3/4 pants
  • x1 zip-off pants
  • x1 bikini top
  • Feather Down Jacket (MacPac)
  • Rain Jacket (K-2 Alpine)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun hat
  • Gloves
  • Mineral makeup and "going-out" foundation which I pumped into a small lip-balm style container

Nathan's Clothing Packing List:

  • x3 boxers
  • x3 socks
  • x1 sandals
  • x1 hiking/walking shoes
  • x2 thermal tops
  • x2 thermal leggings
  • x1 long pants
  • x1 shorts
  • x2 t-shirts
  • x1 micro-fleece top
  • x1 zip-off pants
  • Feather Down Jacket (Kathmandu)
  • Rain jacket (MacPac)
  • Cap
  • Gloves
  • Sunglasses


  • MacPac Cascade 85ltr and 75ltr packs
  • Kathmandu day packs
  • Fairydown sleeping bags
  • x2 snorkels
  • x2 microfibre towels
  • x2 inflatable travel pillows
  • Photo album (pocket size - filled with pics from home/family)
  • Nail brush
  • Washing line
  • Toothbrushes
  • Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body spray, moisturiser
  • Razors, nail clippers, tweezers
  • Swiss Army knife
  • Hair ties
  • Sunscreen
  • Duct tape (small roll)
  • Peeler (for fruit and veges)
  • Mini calculator
  • Pack covers (for when it rains)
  • Pack liners
  • Universal plug adapter
  • Mini tripod
  • Laundry powder
  • Mini padlocks + zip tags (not sure what exactly they're called, plastic and would need to be cut off)
  • Pack travel cover (with zips which we can lock for security reasons)



  • Canon S3 IS digital camera + 4GB, 1GB, 128MB cards
  • Canon video camera + 15 DVC tapes (will we use them all I wonder!!??)
  • Battery charger and batteries (including one whole second set)
  • Headtorch each
  • Travel alarm clock

First Aid Kit:

  • Too much stuff to list here, we took everthing pretty much we were told we may need and it was pretty light anyway! We also took a smaller one which we will pack in our daypack.
sylviandavid says:
I always like packing lists. One day i'll write a book about thanks for sharing. sylvia
Posted on: Sep 07, 2007
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