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The list contains a short collection of the best restaurants in Copenhagen. With the high Danish price level these places don't come cheap - hence the restaurants here will be grouped in two categories. Very Expensive - expect to pay 100€+ for the meal plus drinks. Expensive - expect to pay 50-100€ for the meal plus drinks.
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Well this list is an ever going process. First of all I am pretty far from having writen all the needed reviews. Second if I ever achive the aim what shall I do next? It would be sad to have nowhere to go for the rest of your life - there always will need to be the last dream destination to go to.
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The best of human creation on planet earht is supposedly protected on UNESCO world heritage for culture. I been to a few and this is sort of a preliminary ranking in my very subjective oppinion.
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This list contains some of the attractions I visited when I went to Rome. The order in the list is following the random timetravelling dates I have assigned to each review - which is unrelated to my opinion of the different attractions in Rome.
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This is a sort of ranking of the UNESCO world heritage natural sights I have been to in the time after I joined Travbuddy. Hence it is not really a full list of the places I have visited - just the once I actually manage to write a review about. This leave out some clear favourites of mine - but that's just the limitation of these sort of lists - you need to write all those reviews first.
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